Merry Christmas …. from the Crazy Room 4 students


We’d like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! We’ve had a fantastic year of learning and lots of fun together….here’s a few little clips for a Christmas laugh.

Click on the link to view each clip.

Seb, Harry P, Jett, Ethan S and Jaime

Heidi B, Heidi D, Isabelle, Ashleigh and Charlotte

Angus, Bailey, Ethan F, Isaac and Lucas

Jessica, Olivia M, Nancy, Olivia Q and Carol

Bailey, Jaime, Kweku, Alex and Nick

Jaime, Bailey, Lucas, Ethan S and Harry R

Heidi B, Heidi D, Evie, Grace and Ashleigh

Carol, Olivia M, Olivia Q, Nancy and Grace

Harry R, Alex, Isaac, Nicholas and Ethan F

Ashleigh, Evie, Charlotte, Heidi D, Heidi B

Harry P, Sebastian, Kweku, Angus and Jett

Jessica, Isabelle, Bailey and Jett

Mystery group

Which clip did you like the best and tell us why?











Craigburn’s Got Talent


Today we held our annual Craigburn’s Got Talent event. This is one of our school’s favourite events of the entire year.

About 3 weeks ago we held R-7 auditions and today was the day our finalists got to show us their talents.

We had a very special guest attend – Mrs Nan Johnston. She was the first person to start Craigburn’s Got Talent many years ago.

We had 16 items performed today – many dances, singing, musical instruments played…just to name a few. They were all highly entertaining and the crowd really loved their items.

Our class was lucky enough to have 2 finalists. Evie performed a solo dance and the crowd just loved it. She danced so confidently and knew lots of amazing dance moves. The other item was by Lucas, Ethan F and Isaac. They performed a song by Bruno Mars called Uptown Funk and we all LOVED it too. The audience loved the group’s performance – they knew all of the lyrics to the song, had some great dance moves and Isaac was fantastic on guitar (nice knee slides too).

These 2 items tied for 3rd place – what a fantastic achievement. Congratulations.

Today’s event really proves just how much talent we do have at Craigburn Primary. We can’t wait for next year.

img_8250   img_8249

What was your favourite part of Craigburn’s Got Talent?