Seesaw Family App Update

Last week the Seesaw app had some major updates. Many of the changes were for teachers, through the addition of many features we can implement when using the Seesaw app in class with our students. The Parent app is now called Family and has also had some updates and new additions.

Here is a very handy YouTube clip outlining the updates for the Family app.





Over the last 4 weeks all of the Year 2 and 3 classes have been attending weekly gymnastics lessons with Andrew. We’ve been developing lots of new skills using different techniques. We’ve worked hard to improve our muscle strength and learn the different ways to build up skills to then complete a specific move, e.g. froggy jumps, kicks and then up into a handstand.

We’ve learnt how to:

  • bounce on a trampoline onto a big mat
  • jump
  • hop
  • stretch all of our muscles
  • do the splits
  • do forward rolls
  • do backwards rolls
  • roll
  • skip
  • do handstands
  • do strength holds
  • throw and catch hoops
  • do different running exercises
  • slide and pull ourselves along on mats
  • balance by ourselves or with a partner

and so many more skills. In fact, this list is just a part of our activities.  Every activity taught us a skill but then we used that skill to do a more complex move.

We had an exciting time and loved every minute of our programme. We were very tired, hot and sweaty by the end of each session.

Sound Cubes

Our class has started using the new sound cubes to help us when we’re recording our voice on an iPad. These sound cubes block out all surround sound so we can clearly hear our voices on recordings we’ve made, e.g. we’ve recorded our voices using the Seesaw app to listen to our reading fluency, our sounding out skills, our ability to back up and re-read if we make a mistake and to hear what we sound like when we’re reading out aloud.

Our sound cubes are a fabric box (cube) and have egg cartons glued on cardboard along each side. Some have sound proof foam too. The cubes are really easy to use and we can’t wait until we try them again – what a great reason to keep reading.