National Simultaneous Storytime

Today was National Simultaneous Storytime day. This day is used to celebrate how much we LOVE reading and encourage everyone to read even more. It also celebrates Australian authors and publishers. Check out the website on the link above to read more about it.

The story this year was The Cow Who Tripped Over the Moon by Tony Wilson. We thought it was a great story and really enjoyed watching and hearing the story on our IWB.

We were also lucky enough to have Levi from Room 1 read the picture book to us too. We thought Levi did a great job reading to our whole class – he read really fluently, used expression and showed the pictures clearly to the audience.

After listening to the Cow Who Tripped over the Moon we created our own pictures describing different ways to get the cow over the moooooooooooooon! We used Doodle buddy, the Seesaw drawing tool or Book Creator app on our iPads to draw the picture and then wrote sentences to describe our pictures. Then we shared our pictures with our families using the Seesaw app.

We also used air server to beam our items onto the IWB and share them with the class. You can see our iPad screens in these pictures. We had some very creative ideas to get the cow over the mooooooooooooon – trampolines, spring loaded boots, rockets, canons, catapults – just to name a few.


What did you think of the story? How would you get the cow over the moooooooooooooon?




Today we held the first Year 2, 3 and 4 assembly for Term 2. It was a great opportunity for us to see the work that each class has been doing – there were lots of art work, poster and  writing shared.

We also saw which students received an assembly award.

Our class shared the latest art works that we’d created. We drew and painted clowns last Friday and shared them today. They on display in our classroom if you’d like to pop in and see them.

Congratulations to Ben, Paige, Amity and Lara on receiving their awards – it’s wonderful to see you so engaged in your learning.

Mother’s Day Event


On Friday we went shopping at the Mother’s Day stall that is run by the CPS Fund Raising group. We went with our buddy classes and had a great time carefully choosing gifts that our Mums would love. There were lots of things to consider: what our Mums like, the favourite colour, what are their hobbies that we might be able to buy something for…just to name a few ideas.

It’s always lovely to see and hear the conversations amongst our students – they really do try to make very careful choices that their Mums will just love.

These photos are just a snapshot of our shopping trip.

We also need to use our Maths skills for checking prices of items, working out if we have enough money and how much change we should get.

We also made some cards and a small present for our Mums during class time.

We hope our Mums had a wonderful day with us!

3D Printer – What’s the latest?

We have continued our learning journey with using the 3D printer as a part of our learning. We are using the Maker’s Empire app to create different models. We’ve been experimenting with our design skills to create a variety of different models.

Our first challenge was to design a logo that represented our class – who we are, where we are, our class values.

The second challenge was to design a desk name plate that could also double as a name badge for each student.

Our most recent challenge is to create an a-MAZE-ing maze. This happened to be good timing as Maker’s Empire has announced a maze competition – which we plan to enter.

Here’s a clip to give you some technical tips for creating a maze. We’re using ‘Cogger’ part of the software to design our mazes, after using ‘Shaper’ to create our other models.

We’ve also been coaching our other Year 2 classes so that they can start designing models for their classes too. Then we’ll be working with different classes around our school.

It’s been such an exciting time in the classroom – we love to watch our designs being printed. WE’ve also been investigating how 3D printing is used in real life too -we’ve been quite fascinated to see how 3D printing relates to everyone around the world.  Stay tuned for further 3D printing updates and we continue to use printing in a purposeful and creative way.