End of Term Assembly – Official Opening of the Environmental Learning Centre

On the last day of term we held our end of term assembly out on the steps by the brand new Environmental Learning Centre. A huge amount of time and planning has gone into the development of the Environmental Learning Centre. Over the last 3 years Mr Luke, our Deputy Principal, the parents on the Environment Committee and the student representatives on the Environmental Committee have all worked towards developing this wonderful and exciting learning area. Miss Grant and Miss Humphrey’s have also done an amazing job to help develop this centre.

The Environmental Learning Centre has many different features like: raised garden beds, a creek, planting areas, seed propagating areas, work benches fruit trees, a recycling centre and the composting area.

Every class in the school created items for the Environmental Learning Centre. Some of the items are:

  • scarecrows
  • garden pet rocks
  • flowers that never die (our activity)
  • God’s eyes – weaving with natural items collected from all over the school yard
  • a tiled mosaic
  •  wind chimes
  • a bird bath
  • a totem pole – which will display the official plaque naming the centre
  • light reflectors  – reused CD’s to scare birds away

just to name a few!!!

We all were encouraged to wear green on the day or environmental/ natural colours

During the day each class and their older buddies went out for a sensory tour of the new garden centre. Students from Miss Grant’s welcomed each class to the centre and explained the activities that we would be doing – planting, photo hunts to identify different areas of the garden, signing the visitor’s book and many other activities.

Everyone was asked to bring at least one recyclable item – cans and bottles – to contribute towards the fundraising efforts of the centre. It also reminded us just how easy it is to recycle materials.

We had a sausage sizzle lunch – this was hosted by the school canteen. YUM!!!

As a part of our assembly presentations were made to celebrate the incredible successes of:

  • our Pedal Prix team – bike 88 came 3rd and bike 111 came 10th in the 24 hour race at Murray Bridge – congrats to Mr Lemmey and his Year 6/7 teams
  • our State Champion Netball Knockout netball team – congrats to Mrs Pettman and the team
  • our State Champion Basketball team – more congrats to Mr Nash (Will’s Dad in our class) and Mrs Pettman

Here are some photos of our FANTASTIC last day of term!
Environmental Learning Centre Opening on PhotoPeach

What did you think of our Environmental Learning Centre – do you have a favourite part of the Centre?


Final Footsteps Session

On Thursday we had our final Footsteps session with Erin, our instructor.

Through our Footsteps sessions we learnt individual and partner dances. The dances we learned were:

  • Shake Your Groove Thing – Alvin and the Chipmunk
  • Arabian Nights – a Bollywood dance
  • The Barn Dance – a bootscooting dance
  • Party Rock Anthem – a hip hop dance

Here’s a photo of us with our instructor Erin – we had a fantastic time learning all of our new dances.


What was your favourite part of Footsteps?


Our Term 2 Reflections

As it is the end of Term 3 we always reflect back upon our learning over the past term. Each of us needed to think of our favourite 5 things about the term and list 5 feelings about our learning from during the term. We all took turns at entering our 10 words to create a whole class Wordle. The more times a word is mentioned the bigger is becomes in the Wordle.

Looking at our Wordle, can you see what were some of our favourite activities?


Quadblogging – Week 2

We’d like to say a huge THANK YOU for all of the comments posted on our blog during the first week of Quadblogging. We received comments from all of our Quadblogging buddies schools – a great effort.

Each morning we started by reading comments from our Quadblogging buddies – it was interesting to read the comments and answer any questions they asked.

This week we are focussing on our Sydney buddies.

Castle Cove Public School

Go Quad 99!! Keep posting comments and questions!

Footsteps – Session 3

This week we learnt a new individual dance. It was a Hip Hop dance and we had great fun learning it!
This week’s teacher was Erin and she’ll be our teacher for the next 2 sessions.
Here’s some photos of our session.

We also revisited past dances.
We redid our partner dance from last week called Arabian Nights, plus the Chipmunks item Shake Your Groove Thing.

iStop Motion Movies

Here are some of the claymation iStop Motion Movies our class has created.

This is the first time we’ve had a go at trying to tell a narrative story in this format.

After our popcorn and viewing afternoon we reflected upon our movies – the quality of them and ways to improve them. We thought that for a first attempt our movies were pretty good. Each group told a story, we could easily see the characters and how they contributed to the story and the plasticene characters were well made.

We’ve decided to add music to add more interest, we need more screen shots to make our movies longer, we needed larger backgrounds so that we couldn’t see anything but the background (no movement or people in shots) – we think these changes will add far more detail to our stories and make them more interesting.

Here are some of the movies ( we’re having a few technical hiccups publishing some of them onto You Tube ).


Tell us what you thought of our movies. Can you give us any tips or tricks that might help us to improve our movies?

Have you tried claymation before? Did you use iStop Motion to record them


Assembly Awards

Congratulations to Ned, Cooper F, Hannah, Layla and Emma for receiving assembly awards on Wednesday. Well done guys!

iStop Motion Movies

Throughout this term we have been developing our narrative writing skills. We’ve looked at many different ways to write a detailed, interesting and exciting narrative story. We’ve looked very closely at the different features of a narrative story.

We’ve written stories and published them as word documents.

We’ve written digital stories using iPods and iPads using the app StoryKit. Some of these have been published on our English page.

Next we planned stories to use in a claymation creation. This planning is called storyboarding. Then we made our backgrounds (the setting), created the characters using plasticene and then filmed our stories using the iPad and the iStop Motion app. We’re publishing these onto our class You Tube channel. This is a private channel so only class members can see it.

To celebrate our stories we had a popcorn and movie afternoon. Each group took turns to tell us the outline of their story and then played their movie.

We thought it was wonderful to see how creative every group was. We gave each group some constructive feedback – what we thought worked well, what could have been improved and as a whole class talked about what we could do next time.

Here are some photos of our sharing session ( ok – lots of photos – they were too good to leave any out!!).

Have you used claymation to create movies?

Can you give any tips that we might be able to include next time?

Year 2- 4 Assembly

Today we held went to our Year 2- 4 Assembly. Miss Pinkster’s class were the hosts and most classes had some learning to share.

Miss Hunt’s class showed yellow fish art work inspired by Paul Klee.
Mrs Chick’s class shared the narrative picture books that they created. They held a special book launch in the Library, with lots of special guests attending.
Mrs Freebairn’s class showed Inquiry learning. They’ve been investigating rain forests. They had posters, tree models and a PowerPoint presentation.
Mr Wait presented the awards and photos of our class member who received an award are coming.

We had lots of fun seeing what other classes have been learning about. It’s always really interesting to see what people have been doing.

What did you enjoy about our assembly today?
What do you do for Assemblies at your school?