Class Sites & Apps

Here are our favourite websites and iPad and iPhone  apps:

Website links for learning:




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The Literacy Shed

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Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 7.39.04 pm

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 8.14.46 pm

Decodable readers – across many levels and interests

Create your own word search or crossword

Decodable comic books


Other curriculum Areas:

Online jigsaw puzzles

A live feed from Edinburgh Zoo – watch what the animals do each day


The wonderment – inquiring about our world

Mystery Doug – ask and answer all of your wonderings and questions about the world we live in.

Physical Education, Health and Well Being



Visual Arts:

Art Club for Kids

Kid President – an inspirational clip for young learners – check out all of his other clips too.

The Global Cardboard Challenge

Caine’s Arcade

Publishing sites:

Free Images that are copyright free

Some fun:


Apps we love:

Explain Everything

Word Wizard

Book Creator

Explain Everything






Maker’s Empire

Draw 3D Junior

Number pieces

Pic Collage

Popplet Lite

Doodle Buddy

Khan Academy

Brushes Delux









15 thoughts on “Class Sites & Apps

    • Hey Louis- Thanks for commenting on our blog!! Great work!! My fingers toes and eyes are crossed that the Blues get up and have a win! It’s always a tough match when your team plays in Perth.

  1. Hi Harry,
    You’ve made lots of great comments on our blog tonight- Thanks for your support!
    Super 7 is really popular with nearly everyone in our class. I’ve just down loaded an amazing app for an iPhone that can change your face into a ball from your favourite sport. Can you help me work it out in the morning and see if we can use it in our class- given that we all love different sports.
    From Miss Sporn

  2. I just went to an Apple Seminar on I-Pads. Just working out that all you children are just SO lucky to be learning on such great devices like I-Pads. All the amazing Apps and how you can use them to create/research/use/and enjoy. There is NO limits to your Learning. You’ll have to teach us parents more……. exciting times.Deb (Jordan’s Mum)

    • Hi Harry,
      Thanks for your comment. I like a LOT of apps but I do like Wurdle, Words with Friends, Stickman, Pearl Diver, Kindle – used to read books, and I love Angry Birds!! (Although I probably waste too much time on Angry Birds). How about you and I play a game of Wurdle against each other in the morning?
      From Miss Sporn

  3. Hi miss sporn. I always get Apps on my Ipod. And I only get them on my Ipod if like them. I love the apps on the Ipad. I’ve always wanted a Ipad. See you in the morning for sports day.

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