Family Blogging Month

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We are about to start our third week of the Family Blogging Month Challenge. We’ve had a huge amount of support from our families, with lots of positive comments and feedback for us. We LOVE to read your comments at the start of our day.

Here is a photo of our chart – we have to copy this one and wipe it clear to start recording again – some children have run out of room to record who’s making comments!! Great news!!

So the question for this week is:
How have things changed in school since you were at school?
What differences do you see now in our class compared to when you were at school?

We look forward to your comments and look forward to hearing from you!

“Mini Buddies”

Today we invited the class of new Receptions to be a part of our buddy class. Our buddy class is Ms Grant’s Year 5 class and we meet every Tuesday to do different activities. Some of these activities are partner reading, Art/Craft, model making, computing and outdoor games. We LOVE our weekly catch ups with our Buddy Class. The new Reception class didn’t have a buddy class and so we invited them to join us for our weekly catch up. Today they started by joining us for eating time at the start of lunch.
We enjoyed meeting the new Receptions and think that they are our ‘mini buddies!!’ We are looking forward to meeting with them again.

Our class was very excited to be the ‘older’ children for the Receptions.

Here are some photos of us all eating together.











Family Blogging Challenge

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A huge thank you to all of our families who have commented on our blog! We’ve loved sharing and reading your comments – it certainly makes our work feel really valued.
This week we have some questions as a part of our challenge:

What was your favourite thing to do at school?
What did you like to learn about?
Did you have a favourite subject at school?
What are your best memories of school when you were a child?

We look forward to hearing your responses.

Welcome Maisie

We’d like to introduce you to a new student in our class. Her name is Maisie and she is a Year 2. Maisie likes swimming and playing with her friends. She has 2 younger brothers, 1 of them, Owen, started at our school last week. He is a new Reception. Maisie used to live in England but LOVES Australia.
Maisie has settled into our class really well and we hope that Maisie enjoys her time with us.

Holiday Adventures

Here is a post by Will about his recent school holidays-
In the holidays I went on the train to the Festival Theatre, we did a tour of the change rooms, practice room, we sat on the seats and we saw where they made the props. Emma’s family came with us. We ate our lunch on the grass near the River Torrens. We played hide and seek on the colored blocks and chasey.

Tell us what you think of Will and Emma’s holiday adventure.

Our Holiday Wordle

Our whole class brainstormed a list of key words that described our recent holidays.
Here is the Wordle we created.

What is your favourite part of holidays?
Tell us what you like to do when you are on holidays.

Family Blogging Month

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Our class loves to share their learning with our online community.
We are trying get our families more involved in our class blog. It means our work is really connecting with the families involved in our class. Miss Sporn is also running workshops to inform our parents about out blog – what it is, what is on it, how to make comments, etc.
As a part of our Family Blogging Month we encourage all of our family and friends to make comments on our blog. Whenever a family member or friend makes a comment we record it on our class chart.
The code for our chart is:
M = Mum
D = Dad
S = Sister
B = Brother
U = Uncle
A = Aunty
C= Cousin
GM = Grandma
GP = Grandpa
F = Family Friend
0 = Other
Each student has written a letter to a family member or members to ask them to get on board with our challenge and leave us a comment on our blog. These letters went home on today (the first day of Term 4).
We also need to remember to make quality comments when we ask people to post comments on our blog. We have shared lots of ideas and information about how to write a good quality comment on a blog.
Here is a photo of our class poster.

We hope this will be a big success and can’t wait to hear from our families and friends.

Tell us – what do you think of our Family Blogging Month Challenge?