Family Blogging Challenge – the month of May

Our class loves to share their learning with our online community.
We are trying get our families more involved in our class blog. It means our work is really connecting with the families involved in our class. We are trying really hard to encourage our families and friends to support our work on the class blog!
As a part of our Family Blogging Month we encourage all of our family and friends to make comments on our blog. Whenever a family member or friend makes a comment we record it on our class chart.
The code for our chart is:
M = Mum
D = Dad
S = Sister
B = Brother
U = Uncle
A = Aunty
C= Cousin
GM = Grandma
GP = Grandpa
F = Family Friend
0 = Other
Each student is about to  write a letter to a family member or members to ask them to support with our challenge and leave us a comment on our blog. These letters will go home on Tuesday of Week 2.
We also need to remember to make quality comments when we ask people to post comments on our blog. We have shared lots of ideas and information about how to write a good quality comment on a blog.
Here is a photo of our class poster.

We hope this will be a big success and can’t wait to hear from our families and friends.

Tell us – what do you think of our Family Blogging Month Challenge?

Sports Day Practise

Last Friday we began practising the Health Hustle for Sports Day. We watched a video created by some Year 6/7 students and then we did it over and over again!!

We had lots of fun and we will continue to practise this week.












Sports day is on Friday. Our events for tabloid are:

  • hurdles
  • vortex throw
  • 3 legged race
  • relays
  • sprints
  • long jump
  • soccer kick and
  • bocce.
Those are the events for our morning sessions. After lunch we move into our house bays and support for the students in the sprints and relays.
Our house teams are:
  • Bradman
  • Fraser
  • Riley
  • Woodforde.
These teams are all named after famous Australian sportsmen.
Can you tell us about your team and who it is named after?

Term 2

Custom Glitter Text

Term 2 is about to start!!
I hope that everyone has had a relaxing and enjoyable holiday. We’ve  got a busy term ahead with lots of different activities planned.
We have a few students overseas at the moment and I hope they are having a wonderful time away visiting family and friends.

Chopper, our US Travel Buddy, is with Libby in England at the moment – I bet he’s having a great time.

We have 2 Pupil Free Days to start the term and ANZAC Day is on Wednesday the 25th April.

So I’ll see all of our students on Thursday the 26th April – I’m really looking forward to our holiday catch ups!

Some upcoming events for the term are:

  1. Sports Day on Friday of Week 2.
  2. NAPLAN – Literacy and Numeracy assessments.
  3. Year 3 swimming lessons at Noarlunga swimming centre
  4. Craigburn Primary’s 30th Birthday celebrations.

Easter Egg Rolling Championships

One of our Easter activities was the “Egg Rolling Championships” with our Year 6/7 Buddy Class.
Our task was:

  • Design a ramp that will roll your boiled egg as far as possible.
  • You can only use the materials provided – newspaper, cardboard, paper, cardboard cylinders, plastic rods and low melt hot glue guns.
  • Each group needed to provide a design of their ramp and had 45 minutes to finish their ramp.
We held the rolling event on the court outside the Year 6/7 building – we thought a basketball was a great surface to roll eggs on!

Here are the 2012 Egg Rolling Champs – Will and his buddy. Congratulations boys on a HUGE ramp!!! A great team effort!

Here are lots of photos of our creating and making session and then the rolling event.

Egg Rolling Championships on PhotoPeach

What do you think of our ramp designs?
There were a lot of points to consider as we made our ramps – the higher the further the egg would roll!

Easter Craft

At the end of last term we did lots of different Craft activities to celebrate Easter.
Here are the eggs we created – with little chicks inside.

Easter Craft on PhotoPeach

What activities did you do to celebrate Easter?
What did you and your family do to celebrate Easter?

Assembly Hosts!

On Tuesday our class hosted the Year 2  – Year 5  assembly.

To prepare for our assembly we needed to go to different classes to see who had work to share. Then we typed up our assembly agenda and worked out which students would present items or introduce classes or speakers.

As the time got nearer to starting the assembly we had people who were excited and very nervous. It’s a big challenge for Year 2/3 students to host an assembly.

This week’s assembly had a combination of items – percussion items, whole class poems, body facts, story maps, certificate presentations and a whole lot more!

Congratulations to our whole class – they presented and introduced each item very confidently and made sure the audience were engaged the whole time! Well done team!
At the end of these assembly photos you’ll see our 4 certificate awards recipients. Congratulations to Ned, Chloe, Lachlan and Charlotte! Great work guys!!

Hosting Assembly on PhotoPeach


Did you attend our assembly? If you did, what did you think?



Oscar’s Visitors

This week is free choice of topic for sharing time. We can bring any item that we’d like to share with the class.

Oscar bought his new guinea pigs along to show us. There were 3 guinea pigs – each of Oscar’s brothers got a guinea pig, as well as Oscar.

Oscar showed us each of the guinea pigs and gave a detailed explanation of what they eat and how they need to be looked after.








Easter Craft

Today we started our Easter Craft activities. Easter is on Friday this week and it’s the start of our school holidays.

Today we made plastic eggs into rabbits or ducklings with decorations. The eggs cracked open and so we put baby chicks into the eggs. Baby chicks represent signs of new life.

Here are photos of our craft session today.
Easter Craft on PhotoPeach


Have you made any Easter craft decorations?
What is something you plan to do over the Easter holidays?