The Learning Pit

Our class has been discussing ways we cope when we learn new information and try new activities. We looked at ‘the Learning Pit‘ and discussed how this relates learning in our class everyday.

We watched a 3 part series of YouTube clips that explained how we need to focus on having a Growth Mindset and be open to trying new ideas, use old and new strategies, ask for help/ offer help to others, how we feel frustrated or confused by new ideas, making connections to past information to use in new learning, persist and not quit and celebrate the successes we feel when we learn and understand a new idea/ concept.

As we viewed each clip we discussed how it related to our experiences when learning new information and trying new activities. Then we created our own posters to explain how each of us connected our learning to the Learning Pit.

Our posters are outside our classroom – please pop in for a visit and discuss them with our class. We’d love to explain our posters and how we have connected to the Learning Pit.