Open Night

Tonight we held Open Night at school. We all love Open Night as it gives everyone a chance to show their learning in every classroom in the school. Our choirs performed in the Hall, the Pedal Prix team held a BBQ to raise funds for their team and then classrooms were open for everyone to tour.

This is a wonderful opportunity for every student and their families to tour our school. We can share our learning in so many different ways- showing our books, work on display around the room, learning on computers and iPads or iPods, models we’ve made and the list goes on.

What was your favourite part of Open Night at Craigburn Primary School?

Bookweek with our Buddies

On Friday we wrote stories with our older buddies. We used the app called StoryKit and started writing our own stories. First we discussed and shared our ideas and then typed the story onto the devices. We started adding pictures and will add our voices this week.

Here are some photos from our first writing session together.

We will post links to the stories as they are finished.

Bookweek – Buddy Storywriting using iPods and iPads on PhotoPeach


Bookweek 2012

Last we we celebrated Bookweek in lots of different ways.
We read lots of the Bookweek books, worked with Mrs Langham in the Library (we read a Bookweek book called A Bus Classed Heaven and presented ourselves on a bus as community members – linking to our current inquiry unit), presented our learning at the whole school assembly, held a book sale – advertising books to our classmates and modelled this book sale for Miss Hunt’s Year 2 class, Paul read his own book called “A Sharing Community” at the assembly, we brought favourite books from home to share with our classmates and had a dress up day on Friday – we came dressed a book character fro on of our favourite stories.

Here are lots of photos showing you our fantastic week. We had so much fun celebrating books!

Bookweek Activities on PhotoPeach

What was your favourite activity from Bookweek?

Bookweek 2012

This week is Bookweek. The Children’s Book Council of Australia hold an annual competition to see which is the best book in a variety of categories. There are a number of books nominated in different sections and then the judges vote for a winner.

Our Library is having every class visit the Library this week to work with Mrs Langham on lots of different Bookweek activities. Every year level is doing something different. Stay tuned for some photos later in the week, after our visit on Thursday.

We have been reading lots of the books in the lead up to Bookweek and will be having a dress-up day this Friday. We are able to dress as any character from a book – our imaginations are running wild!!! We will be showing our costumes to the rest of the school during our whole school assembly on Friday morning.

Here’s a poll for you to vote on your favourite book for the Early Childhood Books. Please vote for the book you enjoyed reading.

Here’s poll for Picture Book of the Year – vote for the one you really liked.

New Devices

Our whole school has recently bought lots of new iPods and iPads for each class to use. We have 5 iPods and 5 iPads to use to support our learning during class activities. We are sharing these devices with all of the Year 2 and 3 classes. We’ve loved having extra devices to use. Check our blog page listing the apps we love to use – you may like to download some for yourselves.


Assembly Awards

Today we attended the Year 2-4 assembly. There were five people from our class that received Assembly Awards. Today Ben, Laurie, Tamika, Cooper and Sienna. Congratulations to these class members.

6 Word Stories

Last week we tried a different type of writing activity. We wrote 6 word stories. We had lots of different pictures spread out on the floor and needed to choose one that appealed to us for some reason. Then we looked carefully at all of the detail in the pictures and started to write 6 word stories. It’s not as easy as it sounds – we had to really make each word count. There are lots of adjectives in our stories to describe what we can see or think may help tell a story.

6 Word Stories on PhotoPeach

Tell us what you think of our stories.
Can you suggest some new 6 word stories for our pictures. We’d love to hear from you.

30th Birthday Posters

As a part of our school’s 30th birthday celebrations each class was asked to create a poster that celebrated some part of our life at Craigburn Primary School.
These posters were hung today along the hallways of our main building. There are wonderful, colourful and interesting creations.

Please come in and look at these posters – tell us what you think of them.

The Oldest Person I Know

Our class read a picture book called Night Noises by Mem Fox.

In the story the main character, an old lady, is asleep in her chair, dreaming about her youth.
She wakes when visitors arrive to give her a  surprise 90th birthday.
We loved the words Mem Fox used when describing the main character:
 For example:
 ‘Her hair was as wispy as cobwebs in ceilings.’
‘Her bones were as creaky as floorboards at midnight.’
We think those are sentences that add impact to the writing.
The Oldest Person I Know on PhotoPeach

Then we thought about the oldest people we know and we wrote about them.


Who is the oldest person you know?
Tell us about them.