Swimming for Year 2 Students

This week our 7 Year 2 students have been swimming at the South Australian Aquatic Centre near Marion. Charlotte, Libby, Sienna, Tamika, Jamie and Cooper are in different groups to develop their swimming skills and learn about water safety. Nathan has been sick all week and so he hasn’t been to any lessons.

Here are some photos of their week so far – they’re having so much fun and learning so many new skills.

Swimming Year 2!! on PhotoPeach

What do you think of our swimming lessons?
Did you come along to our lessons – how do you think our swimming skills developed?



Student Led Conferences

This week we began our student led conferences. This is a special time when we share our learning with the families in our class. Each student has prepared a recording sheet that reflects their learning using the You Can Do It – Program Achieve titles of:

  • Confidence
  • Persistence
  • Getting Along and
  • Organisation.
We used our books to show examples of our learning in these areas. We needed to choose our work samples very  carefully to make sure they match what we’ve been talking about.
The children have had to be very brave and work hard to complete this task. It is a big task to run a meeting with parents and teachers there and talk about your learning, achievements and set goals for the future.
So far the students who have presented have done an amazing job – congratualtions!!!
We’re sure the rest of the student led conferences will go really well too.
Here are some photos of us planning our work to share.

Harmony Day

Today we celebrated Harmony Day at school and all around Australia. The message for Harmony Day in 2012 is that Everyone Belongs, which means all Australians are a welcome part of our country, regardless of their background. It’s a time to reflect on where Australia has come from, recognising the traditional owners of this land. It’s also about community participation, inclusiveness and respect – celebrating the different cultures that make Australia a great place to live.

We celebrate the cultural diversity of our nation.

Orange is the colour that we wear to show our support for Harmony Day.

OUR SLEG students held a Harmony Day assembly to show what each class had done to celebrate the day and to discuss what Harmony Day means for all of us.

Here are the photos from our day:
Harmony Day on PhotoPeach

Here is the link to the Harmony Day website.







Special Guest – Lorin Nicholson

On Wednesday Craigburn Primary was very lucky to have a special visitor.
It was Lorin Nicholson. Lorin is a motivational speaker and one of Australia’s leading guitarists. Lorin has been legally blind since birth but hasn’t let that stop him from achieving some amazing things. In 2009 he was nominated for Young Australian of the Year for his work in the community, he has ridden a bicycle from Perth to Sydney – over 4000km and he loves to work in schools and talk with students about his hopes and aspirations.

As a part of Lorin’s See Sharp presentation he delivers a messages about:

  • Choice & Attitude
  • Overcoming negativity & Peer Pressure
  • Teasing/Bullying
  • Respect & Inclusion
  • Resilience & Perseverance
  • Confidence & Self Esteem
  • Setting & Achieving Goals
  • Building Future Leaders & Striving for Excellence
The class has talked so positively about Lorin’s visit – they loved the entire performance. He certainly got his message across to the entire audience.
Here are some photos of the presentation.

What are your goals for the next 3 weeks?

Toady we’ve added a wall wisher to our blog! This means that you can add your goals/ hopes/ ideas for the next 3 weeks of our term. It’s just like posting a sticky note with your ideas on them. So what would you like to do in the next 3 weeks, what’s a goal you’d like to achieve or what’s an activity you’d like to do in the next 3 weeks? Post you ideas onto our wall.

I’m really looking forward to reading your posts


Our class has a new widget on our blog. It is called SpeakPipe. You can see the icon on the right hand side of our blog page – it also moves with the page as you scroll up or down. Mrs Kolenberg shared this idea with our class.

SpeakPipe allows you to record a verbal message to our class. If you send us a voicemail, it will email it to Ms Sporn and the we can listen to it and share it with the whole class.

We’d love to ‘hear’ from you on our new widget. Give it a try!

Musical Chairs Reading

Today we tried an activity we’ve never tried before.

For something new in reading we played “Musical Chairs Reading”.

We took all of our chairs outside and Ms Sporn placed books onto the seat of each chair. She played music and when the music stopped we needed to stop, sit down and start reading! Then when the music started again we walked around the circle until it stopped again – then we sat down and started reading again. We had a great time!! It was lots of fun and something different to develop our reading interests.

It was a chance for us to read books we may not normally choose. Some of us discovered some new authors or series of books we’d like to add to our book boxes.

Here are some photos of today’s session. Check out our video too.











Have you ever tried Musical Chairs Reading? Do you think you’d like to?