Open Art Morning

This morning all of the Year 2 classes were open for our families to visit and see all of our latest artistic creations. It was lovely to have so many parents, grandparents brothers, sisters and cousins visit. Each student used the brochure they’d prepared for the tour and took their visitor around the room explaining all of the creations we’d made as a part of our Inquiry topic.

img_8182 img_8181 img_8180 img_8179 img_8178 img_8177 img_8176 img_8174 img_8173 img_8172 img_8171 img_8170 img_8169 img_8168 img_8167 img_8165 img_8164 img_8163 img_8162 img_8161 img_8160 img_8159 img_8158 img_8157 img_8156 img_8157 img_8156 img_8155 img_8154 img_8153 img_8152 img_8151 img_8150 img_8149 img_8148 img_8147

What was your favourite part of having visitors to our classroom? Why?

Ride A Bike

img_8096 img_8100 img_8104 img_8105 img_8139

We’ve been doing Ride A Bike activities for the last 3 weeks. On Tuesday morning the team comes into the class to teach us specific riding skills, road safety rules we need to know and skills to ride a bike safely.

We’ve loved working with the team of teachers and our bike riding skills have really improved a lot.

We’ve worked on:

  • riding a bike with no trainer wheels
  • how to wear your helmet properly – with the straps done up properly
  • tucking laces and long pants into sock – if needed
  • riding and always looking up and around – check what happening around you as you ride
  • how to pass a pedestrian on a footpath – using bell and voice as a warning
  • how to ride slooooooowly along footpaths and checking driveways in case of reversing cars
  • how to ride 2 abreast along a path and pass oncoming riders – making sure we stayed on the left side of the path – NO crashes!
  • braking quickly in an emergency.

It’s been a lot of fun learning lots of these safety strategies and we’ve all become a lot more confident when riding our bikes.

Mannequin Challenge

screen-shot-2016-11-22-at-8-28-16-pmToday as our class set up for our Daily 5 Listen to Reading session we started off with something a bit different!! We love to listen to stories using our iPads, iPods, laptops and computers. We listen to stories from Sunshine Online, Ziptales, Storyline Online and some different book apps.

It’s really important to listen to reading because:

  • it gives us ideas about how to read using expressive voices for characters
  • it shows us how to pronounce words
  • we listen to the speed or pace of the reading (steady, faster, slower paces as needed)
  • it can teach us how to sound out difficult words
  • it gives us examples of how to read fluently.

We also have some people doing read to self today because they’re reading books that they just LOVE.

Today we started Listen to Reading by doing  the ‘mannequin challenge’.  This viral video trend is where people remain frozen in action, like a mannequin. We’re sure you’ve all heard of it – well now you can see how our class does it!

What do you think of our Mannequin Challenge?  Did you see the students from the class next door watching us – they just couldn’t resist.

Coding with Bee Bots

Our class has been using the Bee Bots as a part of developing our ‘coding’ skills. We have a set of Bee bots that can be programmed to follow a sequence of steps to move along a set path. This is a very simple but highly effective way to start teaching children to code.

Our iPads also have the Bee bot coding apps and we also use Scratch for students to further engage in coding activities. Some of the older students in our classes like to use Python, Raspberry PI to code as well. Many of these students come along to our weekly Coding Club sessions on Fridays. Of course, one of the most popular coding programmes is Minecraft – we all LOVE to use Minecraft!

We use coding as just 1 way of developing many different skills.  Coding develops:

  • procedural steps planning – sequencing
  • creative
  • collaborative
  • communication
  • critical thinking
  • problem solving
  • perseverance
  • counting
  • planning
  • testing and re-testing strategies
  •  ways to work safely on the Internet.

There are many other skills that could also be listed. There are also many different ways student can continue to develop these coding skills that will lead to many jobs for in the future.

These photos and clips are from Friday’s session – we had a great time trying to programme and test our instructions for the Bee bots. We used the masking tape to set a path for our Bee bots to follow (hopefully).

*** Please note some of the wheels on our Bee bots aren’t tracking properly and wander a little off the path.

img_8049 img_8050 img_8052 img_8053 img_8054 img_8055 img_8066 img_8067

What was your favourite part of our Bee bot coding session? What do would you plan for our next session?


Sports Expo

Today we had our annual Sports Expo. This is a wonderful chance for us to learn about new sports that we may not have tried before or practise new skills in sports we’ve played.

Our stations were:

  • athletics – relays, shot put, hurdles, ball skills.
  • basketball – played a game of golden child.
  • wheelie sports – learning how people use a wheelchair and why they might need a wheelchair.
  • gymnastics – lots of stations with a different focus: climbing, balancing, swinging, rolling, flipping, jumping, bouncing, crawling…the list goes on.
  • cricket – ball skills like throwing, catching and playing as a team.
  • air gym – lots of different bouncing skills and making shapes with our bodies.
  • soccer – skills like kicking, passing and team games.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to Mrs Pettman for organising the whole day – we had so much fun learning lots of new skills.

img_7838 img_7841 img_7843 img_7846 img_7854 img_7858 img_7859 img_7861 img_7877 img_7886 img_7889 img_7902 img_7908 img_7909 img_7913 img_7916 img_7918 img_7921 img_7923 img_7926 img_7929 img_7931 img_7932 img_7933 img_7934 img_7935 img_7937 img_7941 img_7946 img_7953 img_7954 img_7955 img_7956 img_7958 img_7960 img_7965 img_7968 img_7973 img_7974 img_7986 img_7995 img_7996 img_8011 img_8013 img_8016 img_8018 img_8020 img_8022 img_8032 img_8033 img_8034 img_8036 img_8037 img_8038


Music is Fun Band


Today our school hosted the Music is Fun band. They were absolutely fantastic and we all LOVED the concert! We sang, danced and some of our class even turned into sheep.

We’ve been learning lots of the songs and actions to songs in our Music lesson with Mrs Rayner. We heard a great variety of songs and really enjoyed lots of them. It’s also great to learn about the different instruments used in the concert – how they are played, what sounds they make and different ways they can be used.

img_7690 img_7697 img_7699 img_7700 img_7701 img_7702 img_7703 img_7704 img_7706 img_7708 img_7710 img_7711 img_7712 img_7714 img_7716 img_7717 img_7719 img_7720 img_7721 img_7722

Week 4 Sharing Topic

Thanks for visiting our class site for your sharing time topic.  We have collected lots of different types of Art and you need to look or listen to them, choose 1 and then respond to it. e.g. how does it make you feel, what do you think when you see/ listen to it and any other ideas that come to mind.

Create a list or write your response to your choice.

Relaxing Classical music


Wire sculpture




Aboriginal dot painting


Australian outback photograph


Picasso painting


Marble sculpture


A wooden sculpture