Jaime and Holly’s Recorder Song

We did a duet. The songs were called Green Jelly and Please  Pudding Hot. We did another song called Movie Buster. We did it in front of the class together. It was scary. We did it with music. First we practised then we came to the classroom and brang the stand and the cd player and our recorders and played  our songs. It was fun.


Middle Primary Choir

Today James, Ethan, Holly B, Soomin and Ben (from our class) performed at the Middle Primary Choir Foyer Concert at the Festival Theatre. We have more students in the choir but they couldn’t make it to the performance today.

The choir sang a variety of songs – the boys sang some, the girls sang some and then they sang all together. The first song was a welcoming song in many languages from around the world. We’ve seen some of their songs at Assemblies during the term.

Ethan and Sienna were the compares and did a wonderful job introducing each item. James did some great beat boxing and Lucy sang a wonderful solo. The choir was really well received by the audience – there were SO many people who enjoyed watching the singing.

Mrs Rayner has done a wonderful job working with the children – a huge thank you to her. Also a big thank you to the parents who supported the children by bringing them to perform and staying as a part of our audience.

Students all received a certificate and a special treat as a thank you from Mrs Rayner.

Here’s a clip from their first song- The Welcome Song.

IMG_9557 IMG_9559 IMG_9560 IMG_9562 IMG_9563 IMG_9564 IMG_9572 IMG_9575 IMG_9586 IMG_9597 IMG_9599

Tell Me a Story

As a part of our Sharing Time topics that relate to our Inquiry unit we were asked to ‘tell a story’ to the class. It can be very challenging to tell a story – not read it or have a book with you for support. It showed just how brave the students were and so well organised.

We are learning about all the different ways stories can be told – like books, drawings, telling stories, performances, songs, plays, etc.

This we the class were so creative with their storytelling. We had such a variety of ideas presented.

We heard stories told through:

  • plays
  • puppet plays
  • home made puppets and theatres brought in
  • pictures glued in sequence to tell a story
  • apps used on iPad like Puppet Pals
  • plays told with trees and characters
  • Lego characters used
  • and so many more!!!!

Nearly all of the materials used were home made by the students and many stories were created by the students, which showed just how clever and creative they are!

Here’s photos from
Tell Me a Story on PhotoPeach

What did you think of our storytelling sessions?

Specialist Bloggers

Each week we will be having 2 students blog about events that happen in our class. This is a great way for the students to be more involved in the class blog and share their learning and ideas. I know I’m looking forward to our students stepping up to the challenge and showing how amazing they are.

Stay tuned for their weekly posts.

Arrays and Multiplication

In our Maths tasks we have been learning about arrays, multiplication and division through problem solving tasks.

Multiplication is a very important part of maths, and having a good “automatic recall” of times tables helps us with many different areas of maths.

During class time we have begun spending time practising different times tables and using multiplication in our problem solving.

We have also been working with arrays to help build our mathematical skills. An array is a set of objects arranged in rows and columns. Each row has the same number of objects, so they represent equal groups.  Arrays can make counting and calculating easier.



Arrays are useful for skip counting and solving multiplication problems.

The array above has 3 rows of 4 blocks. That is 3 groups of 4, or 3 x 4.

We can find out how many blocks there are by skip counting by 4’s:  4, 8, 12 – or by doing repeated addition: 4 + 4 + 4 = 12.

There are 12 blocks. So, 3 x 4 = 12.


Here’s a site to help prastise your times tables.

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 8.53.34 PM

When do we use arrays in real life – can you give us an example of some? Where have you seen them in real life?

Which times tables would you like to improve?

Footsteps – Week 3

Last Monday we had our third Footsteps dance session. So far we’ve learnt an individual and a partner dance and this week we learnt another individual dance. Amanda, our instructor, told us we were ‘ninjas in training’ as we danced to Eye of the Tiger. There were lots of noises as we danced along and learnt all the moves.

Here’s a few photos from our session on Monday.

IMG_9389 IMG_9390 IMG_9391 IMG_9392 IMG_9393 IMG_9394 IMG_9396 IMG_9400 IMG_9403 IMG_9404 IMG_9414 IMG_9415


What’s been your favourite dance move from Footsteps so far?