A Question for our Parents and Families

The 2012 London Olympic Games began in London on Friday the 27th of July.


We have been watching the Olympic Games with great interest. It’s been very exciting to see how the Australian athletes are performing at the Games. Each morning we’ve been checking the leader board to how Australia is going with their results.

Some of our students are also interested in watching other countries athletes. We have  5 students from England, 1 who has family in New Zealand, 1 who has family from Ireland.

We would like to ask the families of our class to post some comments about the Olympic Games.

Here are some questions we have:

  • Do you have a favourite sport or sports at the Olympic Games?
  • Do you have a favourite athlete at the Games?
  • Do you know any fun or interesting facts about the Olympic Games – please share your stories with us!
  • Have you ever been to an Olympic Games (especially in Australia in 2000)?

We’d love to hear from some families in the United Kingdom – they may have some great information to tell us as that’s where the games are being held.

You might also have some questions for us that we could find the answers for.


We look forward to your replies!

Student Initiative!!!

On Wednesday Libby, Tamika and Charlotte, some our Year 2 students, asked if they could run an ‘Art Club‘ for our class. I thought “Why not?” So the girls explained that they would like to offer ‘Art lessons’ for students who might be interested. We negotiated when and where the lessons would happen and what activity and resources the girls felt they would need.

So Libby, Tamika and Charlotte discussed what they would need and have to offer.

Here is the list they came up with:

  • They would need- Art paper, Craypas textas, craypas, pencils, desks and a teacher to help supervise (me!).
  • A flyer to advertise.

They wanted to create a flyer to advertise their Art Club so people could take time to think about what they had to offer.

Here is flyer the girls presented to the class during lunch eating time.

Then they explained what they wanted to offer the class. The students had some great questions like:

  • What will we be making?
  • What days is it on and what time?
  • What if I’m away – will I have to leave the Art club?
  • Do I need to bring anything?
  • What if I can only make 1 day because I’m doing another activity on the other day?

They created a word document for interested students to sign up on and later printed it to use as their roll sheet. 15 students signed up immediately!

Then the girls spent a lunch break looking through my Art books for ideas that they use. They bookmarked lots of different ideas – for future reference! They decided on the materials they would need. They also worked out the roles each would be responsible for – Libby and Tamika are the teachers and Charlotte is responsible for resources (and teaching if needed).

Today (Friday) Libby, Tamika and Charlotte held their first Art Club during lunch – they were so excited!!!

They organised the tables and resources and got started on their very first Art work.

Here are some pictures to give you an idea of how things went.

It was just amazing and inspiring to see these 3 girls take on such an adventure and really thinking the whole process through.

They’ve been resourceful, thoughtful, creative, artistic, inspiring, had fun and lots of laughs…. I could go on and on!

I felt very proud of the initiative they showed to create a club for others. I wonder what they’ll do next???? I wonder what their future holds? Remember they are just 7 years old!

Regards – Lisa S (Very Proud class teacher)


What do you think of Libby, Tamika and Charlotte’s idea? They’d love to hear from you!




What’s that up in the tree?

This morning our class went our for fitness with Mrs Chick’s class. We played “Mega Red Rover” – using the whole school oval to play the game. On our way back to class we saw a sleepy little koala in a Eucalyptus tree. The koala was actually sitting down quite low in the tree and sleeping – koalas like to sleep  up to 19 hours a day – what a life!!!

We all thought it was great to see the koala up so close – he even woke up (we thought 55 children would be too noisy!)

Here’s some photos we got!