Week 8 Assembly

Today we had our Year 2, 3 and 4 assembly. It was a wonderful assembly because we got to see lots of different learning activities that have been happening in classrooms.

Our class shared some of the 3D printed items that we’ve made over the last few weeks. We’ve shared many of these items via this class blog.

We’d like to congratulate Esther N, Alice, Toby and Esther W on receiving their student assembly awards.


Here is a clip made by Jesse and Akash to highlight our learning through the 3D printer project. (We didn’t get to see the whole clip at assembly).

Aboriginal Structures


On Friday we worked with Jasmine Miller our Aboriginal Education Community Worker to investigate different structures used by Aboriginal people – both today and in the past. Jasmine gave us a great description of the different structures that Aboriginals like to build if they’re living on the land, e.g. a wiltja, a humpie. She also showed different houses that Aboriginals live in if they live in cities, towns or on missions. These photos gave us a good insight into Aboriginal lives.

Then we went outside with Jasmine to try and create a model of a wiltja. We collected sticks, twigs, leaves, nuts and any other natural  materials that could be used. Jasmine gave us some tips and advice on how we could put the materials together to create a wiltja.

Here are our models:

What do you think of our models?