Sports Expo

On Thursday we braved the heat to participate in our annual Sports Expo. We had a great day – as usual! We loved joining in with the different sports clinics and learned lots of new skills.

The sports we played were:

  • soccer
  • hockey
  • gymnastics
  • yoga
  • wheelie sports
  • cricket

We’d never played some of these sports before and this was a great chance to see what they were like. Not only did we need to learn the different sports and the skills needed to play a game but we had a strong focus on being a good sport too.

We’d like to say a huge ‘thank you’ to Mrs Pettman, our PE teacher, who co-ordinated the entire day. She had to make some last minute changes due to the heat and baseball being cancelled. We’re going to catch that session up in a couple of weeks.

IMG_7503 IMG_7505 IMG_7507 IMG_7508 IMG_7510 IMG_7511 IMG_7512 IMG_7519 IMG_7521 IMG_7525 IMG_7529 IMG_7532 IMG_7533 IMG_7540 IMG_7542 IMG_7547 IMG_7550 IMG_7556 IMG_7558 IMG_7562 IMG_7564

What was your favourite part of Sports Expo?

Letters to Santa

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 7.40.49 pm

Today our whole class wrote letters to Santa.

We learned how to write a letter, how to set a letter out properly, we asked Santa a few questions and we also mentioned a couple of presents we’d like to receive for Christmas. We were very busy on our laptops and desktop computers typing the good copies of our letters. We should receive a letter from Santa around December the 18th – fingers crossed!!

Here we are busily typing!

IMG_7468 IMG_7469 IMG_7470 IMG_7471

What would you ask Santa for? How do you celebrate Christmas with your family?

Premier’s Reading Challenge & Premier’s Be Active Challenge


Today our entire class received their certificates and medals to acknowledge their efforts in the Premier’s Reading Challenge and the Premier’s Be Active Challenge.

These photos show our whole class with their Reading Challenge certificates and medals. Each student read at least 12 books to receive their reward.

Toby and Bryce received certificates for their efforts.

IMG_7473 IMG_7472

Oz and Josh received bronze medals.

IMG_7476 IMG_7474

Kyah, Bella, Yaw, Riley, Zander, Lara, Matilda R, Ashlyn, Lauren, Imogen, Bel, Zoe and Fraser all received silver medals.

IMG_7477  IMG_7489 IMG_7488 IMG_7487 IMG_7486 IMG_7485 IMG_7484 IMG_7483 IMG_7481 IMG_7480 IMG_7479IMG_7478IMG_7490

Jon, Keira, Reed, Matilda W, Coby, Nicholas, Harley, Harrison and Evan all received a gold medal!

IMG_7500 IMG_7499 IMG_7498 IMG_7497 IMG_7496 IMG_7494 IMG_7493 IMG_7492 IMG_7491

We’d like to say a huge thank you to Mrs Langham for organising our Premier’s Reading Challenge medals.

We’d also like to say a huge thank you to Mrs Pettman for organising our Premier’s Be Active Challenge medals.

Gala Day

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 9.26.34 pm

Last Friday we had our annual Gala Day. This involves our Yr 3-7 students offering to run a stall of any kind. These stalls can be: selling cupcakes, popcorn, nail painting, soccer goal competition, bike rides, knocking skittles over, face painting, games of many kinds…..just to name a few. It’s a great enterprise opportunity for our students to work out how to run a stall and promote it around the school via posters.

The Reception to Year 2 students have the first chance to go shopping, play games or go on rides and then the Yr 3-7 students to have a turn.

IMG_7434 IMG_7435 IMG_7436 IMG_7437 IMG_7438 IMG_7439 IMG_7440

We use the money raised to sponsor our school’s World Vision child in Africa.



Remembrance Day


Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 8.53.24 pm


Today is Remembrance Day. This is a very important day in Australian history as it is a special memorial day for Australia and the Commonwealth Nations. At 11am on the 11th of November we pause to remember all of the soldiers who have fought and died for Australia.

The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month represents the formal end to hostilities of the First World War and so we pause for a minute to remember all of the soldiers who have or are fighting to keep Australia a safe country for us to live in.

Many of our students made red poppies to wear for the day. The red poppies are a emblem from the poem In Flander’s Fields and the red also reminds us of the blood that has been spilled during war.

Our SLEG students hosted today’s very important assembly and did a wonderful job.

Student Awards

We would like to say a huge congratulations to Matilda W, Reed, Toby, Coby, Lara, Oz, Yaw and Keira for receiving a student award at our last assembly on Monday. They’ve all worked really hard to earn their awards and should be very proud of their achievement.

IMG_7424 IMG_7425 IMG_7426 IMG_7427 IMG_7428 IMG_7429 IMG_7430 IMG_7431

Daily 5 Book Sale

We recently held a book sale in our class. We LOVE a book sale as it gives every student in our class a chance to share 1 or more books that they think we might like to read.

As a part of each student’s presentation they need to include:

  • the title
  • the name of the author
  • a basic retell of the story (without giving away the ending!)
  • the format or style of the book
  • and most importantly – why it might appeal to us as a reader! What will we enjoy about the book?

This time we had Riley, Bel, Coby, Oz, Lauren, Harrison, Keira and Jon present books to us. Each of them did a wonderful job – they gave very detailed insights into the books they presented. Lots of class members were looking for them in our Library during our book borrowing session that afternoon.

Great job to Riley, Bel, Coby, Oz, Lauren, Harrison, Keira and Jon for getting us all interested in some new books.

IMG_7364 IMG_7363 IMG_7362 IMG_7361 IMG_7360 IMG_7359 IMG_7358 IMG_7357