Leap Year Maths

As a part of our leap year Maths we investigated the number 29.

The answer was 29 and we needed to find out as much as we could about it and record our findings. Some of our ideas were:

  • tallies showing 29
  • writing 29 in words
  • drawing 29 objects
  • writing the numbers up to 29
  • working out addition and subtraction sums totalling 29
  • measuring 29cm
  • and lots lots lots more!

Here are our photos.

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What special things did you do to celebrate the 29th of February?
Can you add any ideas to our Maths investigations?


Leap Year Reading

Following our post about today being the 29th of February – a leap year, here is a list of 29 books we’ve read.

We worked out that each student needed to read 1 book each, Ms Sporn and Carol also needed to read a book each to total 29 books.

Arthur – Amanda Graham

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt – Michael Rosen

Fur, Feather, Scales and Skin – Christine Ecomonos

The Hungry Giant – Joy Cowley

The Swamp Eggs – Jo Windsor

Kakadu Jack – Brenda Parkes

The Spy meeting – jill Eggleton

Meanie’s Night Out – Joy Cowley

Lizzie the Little Lizard – Patty Haley

Mortimer – Robert Munsch

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt – Michael Rosen

Noah’s Ark Song – June Epstein

It’s a Book – Lane Smith

Chatterbox – Margaret Wild

Harry by the Sea – Gene Zion

Mr McGee and the Perfect Nest – Pamela Allen

The Dudgeon is Coming – Lynly Dodd

Edwina the Emu – Sheena Knoles

Mud Puddle – Robert Munsch

Watch Out! Big Bros’s Coming –Jez Alborough

Educating Arthur – Amanda Graham

Mr Knuckles – Mike Dumbleton

Gorilla – Anthony Browne

Alice the Tennis Fairy – Daisy Meadows

Norton Saves the Day – Bernadette Kelly

Frizz – Ellen Frances

There’s a boy Under the Bed – Sian Burling-Claridge

Mortimer – Robert Munsch

Daisy All- Sorts – Pamela Allen

Leap Year Blogging

Today is the 29th of February – this day only comes around every 4 years, in a leap year.

Today we will be doing lots of fun and different activities around the number 29!! Check out our posts later in the day to see what we’ve been up to.
Lots of people around the world will be blogging about Leap Year activities.
Here’s a site explaining what people could be blogging about – linked to their classroom activities.

Assembly Awards

Today four members of our class received assembly awards. Mr Wait presented these awards as  a part of today’s assembly.

They were:

  • Paul for a great start to the school year.
  • Lucy for very detailed Art work.
  • Jamie for reading with great expression and
  • Libby for writing entertaining and well detailed stories.
We’d like to say “congratulations” to Paul, Lucy, Jamie and Libby for working so hard to earn their awards.


Today we had our first Year 2- Year 4 assembly.

Mrs Freebairn’s year 4 class hosted the assembly and our class presented a musical item.

The assembly items were:

  • A PowerPoint presentation about Advance Australia Fair, our national anthem, and what it means to be an Australian.
  • We played our African percussion song called Banuwa on the glockenspiels, metallphones, merimba and djembe drums.
  • Miss Hunt’s Year 2 class presented English writing work about nouns, verbs and adjectives.
  • Mr Hanna’s class had a mixture of items in their presentation – the talked about our school values and how they used them to develop class values and rules. They presented poems about these rules and how their class is working together as a team. They also got some teachers up to help present and item about team work and how it can lead to a successful class.
  • Sports results and
  • Assembly awards presented by Mr Wait.
We would like to say a huge “thank-you” to Mrs Rayner our Music teacher for helping our class to prepare our musical item.
We would like to congratulate Mrs Freebairn’s class for the wonderful job they did hosting the first assembly for the year – not an easy job!
Here is a video of our class performing Banuwa – we hope you enjoy it.
Here are some photos of the assembly:



















What do you do at your assemblies?

Can you make any suggestions for an item for our next assembly – we’re also hosting the next assembly. We’d love to see you there – come along in Tuesday of Week 10.


Cyber Safety

Today we started using the school laptops in our room. We’ve been using the class Macs over the last few weeks but have now added the laptops to our learning.
Before we started using the computers and working online we needed to talk about ways to work safely on the Internet (online).

We need to encourage safe and more responsible use of online technology, particularly amongst children.

We also reviewed our blogging guidelines that are a part of our class blog. The teachers we work with – especially Miss Sporn, always ensure we are working safely online. Having a class blog is a terrific way to learn about appropriate online behaviour and “netiquette.”

We watched a fun video called “The Infinite Learning Lab.” It gave us lots of tips to remember when we are using the internet for school work or for fun. Check the video out here:

As a part of our online safety learning we made posters about being safe online. Some of the important internet safety messages we came up with are:

  •  Be safe online and you’ll be fine
  •  Keep your personal info safe
  •  Be friendly online
  •  Don’t give away your YAPPY!
  •  Keep your passwords secret

Here are our posters – please come into the classroom to read them – we’ve displayed them around the classroom as reminders of how to work safely online!
Cybersafety Posters on PhotoPeach

What do you think of our posters?

Do you know what YAPPY means?

What are the ways that you work safely online?

Computing Monitors

On Monday this week Laurie, Lachlan, Hannah and Jenny worked with Mr Luke, our Deputy Principal, and other Year 3 and Year 4 students. Mr Luke ran an induction programme to teach these students how to:

  • set up our laptop trolly
  • store the laptops
  • make sure the laptops are recharging between sessions in classes and overnight
  • bring the laptops to our classroom and return them after our session
  • start the laptops and shut them down
  • and how to look after and respect the school laptops that we have – so they last a long time and can always be used.
Laurie, Lachlan, Hannah and Jenny spent quite a bit of time working with Mr Luke so they had a thorough understanding of what is expected of them as our class monitors.
It is also the monitors responsibility to train other members in our class to do the jobs we’ve mentioned above. That way we can work as a successful team and all learn how to take responsibility for the school’s resources.
Here are some photos of the training session.

Laptop Monitors on PhotoPeach

Our team of monitors did a wonderful job on their first day – congratulations to Laurie, Lachlan, Hannah and Jenny for being so responsible!
Does your school have computer monitors?
How do you look after the computers in your schools?


Our School

We’ve taken some photos of our school. It’s a quick and easy for our Quadblogging buddies, Travel Buddies and online friends to see what our school looks like.

This year we have started the school year with 409 students from Reception to Year 7. There are 19 classes.

We have lots of different classroom areas – there is the Reception Unit, Year 1 and 2 classrooms, the Year 3 Unit, the Year 4 and 5 classrooms and our Middle School classrooms that have our Year 5/6 and 6/7 classes in them.

Mrs Raynor is our Music teacher. Mrs Pettmann is our PE (Physical Education) teacher. Frau James is our German teacher and Mrs Langham is our teacher/Librarian in the Resource Centre. Mrs Reid works in the Happy Room.

Mr Wait is our Principal, Mr Luke is our Deputy Principal and Mrs Gillespie is our Assistant Principal.

Here are some photos of our school – our classrooms, the gym, the Music room, our netball/ basketball courts, the oval and our gardening/environmental centre.

Tamika, Libby, Will, Emma, Cooper and Trent took the photos so we could put this slide show together – thanks team!

Craigburn Primary School 2012 on PhotoPeach


What do ou think of our school and it’s grounds? How is it similar or different to your school?

SRC Elections

On Monday we held election of our SRC Reps- Student Representative Council Representatives. We discussed the importance of being a representative for our class and the qualities our reps would need. Some of the ideas our class came up with were: being responsible, being co-operative, being a good communicator, being on time for meetings, representing the class not just your own ideas, fundraising ideas – just to name a few!
During the first week of school students could nominate themselves and were asked to prepare a speech.
Our Nominees were: Sienna, Jenny, Libby, Sarah and Lucy and Lachlan, Ned, Trent and Cooper.
Here are our nominees:

Here are each of the nominees giving their speeches. Some children chose to write their speeches down, others chose to speak without writing a speech beforehand.
The quality of the speeches were very high and interesting to listen to.





























After listening to the speeches each student was asked to vote for 1 girl and 1 boy representative.

Congratulations to ………….  Ned and Libby our 2012 SRC Representatives! 

Lachlan and Sienna are our proxies – they go to meetings if one of our reps is away.


Our first buddy class visit

Every class at Craigburn Primary School has a buddy class. This means that each class has a buddy class to meet with during the year. It’s a great way for the children to care for one another and support each other, both in the classroom and outside during break times. Buddy class activities provide for older children to be mentors and positive role models for our younger students and our younger students are given guidance and help if needed. It’s a highly regarded programme in our school.

On Friday we had our first visit to our Buddy class. This year our buddies are Mrs Robertson’s Year 6/7 class. They work in the Middle Year’s Unit with 3 other Year 6/7 classes and a Year 5/6 class.

For our first visit we met our buddies and worked out who we would each have for a buddy. We work with our buddy for the whole year. Then we played Buddy Bingo – each buddy pair had a chart of questions to answer. We needed to move around the room and find out information about our buddies. Some of the questions were: find someone with blue eyes, find someone who is learning the drums, find someone who loves pizza, find someone who loves going to the beach. Each buddy pair needed to list as many names as possible in each square. It was lots of fun finding out information about each other!

Our classes will meet every Friday just after recess. We are really looking forward to doing lots of activities with our buddies. We already planned lots of activities that we’ll enjoy together – like reading, board games, outdoor games, cooking, gardening – just to name a few!
Here are some photos of the buddies in action!

2012 Buddies on PhotoPeach

Do you have a Buddy class? What type of activities do you like to do with your buddies? Please send us your ideas – we might be able to try them!