Ben’s Sailing in New South Wales

On Thursday I went to New South Wales. I went in the car with my brother and my dad.We had four boats on the trailer.In Sydney we went to Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club to drop the boats off. Then we went to where we were staying.The next day I went  sailing I got a 4, 6 ,1 ,1 ,1, 27 and a 6. We did two days of sailing. After racing they did a presentation. I won first in Silver Fleet! I got a trophy. The next day  we headed home. We got home at 2:00 in the morning.

By Ben


Harmony Day

Today is the 21st of March which is Harmony Day.

The message of Harmony Day is Everyone Belongs. It is a day to celebrate Australia’s diversity. It is a day of cultural respect for everyone who calls Australia home – from the traditional owners of this land to those who have come from many countries around the world.

We celebrated Harmony Day at school by dressing orange clothes, doing lots of activities together, discussing all the wonderful differences that we all have that make our world a wonderful place to be and then we went to a whole school assembly.

Each class was given a body shape to design around the theme of a specific country. Our class decorated a body with an Indonesian theme. We found out where Indonesia is (not far from Australia), what countries make up Indonesia, what the capital city is (Jarkarta), the population of Indonesia (over 238 million people), the types of clothes they traditionally wear, what the weather is like (warm and tropical) and activities they like to do. Every class did an amazing job designing their people – there were people from Scotland, England, South Africa, Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Australia Aborigines and many more. Each classes person was designed and created with lots of care – it was very interesting to hear some facts about each country during our assembly.

Ms Terrell read a book by Mem Fox called Whoever You Are. It is a very interesting book that looks at different cultures from all around the world and how we can all live together in peace and harmony.

Here are some photos of our day.

Safety Assist Visit

Today we had Rona from Safety Assist visit our school as a part of our Safety unit of inquiry. She talked to us and explained how Safety Assist houses/ places in our community can help to keep us safe. Safety Assist used to be known as Safety Houses.

Rona explained that Safety Assist places always show the red and yellow signs in their windows, on  letterboxes or on street signs, there is a smily face on the signs. Rona also explained that if you are feeling unsafe, feel threatened, are lost or need help for some reason you can go into a Safety Assist place and they will help you.

Places that offer Safety Assist help can be:

  • Fire stations
  • Police stations
  • houses
  • shops
  • schools
  • Public Libraries
  • Australia Post Offices
  • businesses
  • Surf Life Saving patrol bases
  • Banks

These places will get help for you straight away and make sure you are safe very quickly.

What message did you learn from today’s Safety Assist visit?



Expanding Vocabulary!

Everyday we practise our reading skills using the Daily 5 as our major focus. The CAFE acronym stands for Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency and Expanding Vocabulary. Each week we focus on different strategies from the CAFE to improve our reading skills.


Last week we used the strategy tune into interesting words. A good reader needs to have a great vocabulary – they should  know and be able to understand the meaning of lots of  interesting words. We focussed on writing down adjectives as we’ve read them in our daily reading sessions. An adjective describes a noun or pronoun. It usually comes before a noun or pronoun in  a sentence. For example: A small boat floated on the bright, blue sea. By finding lots of adjectives in our reading we are going to add them to our word wall to use in our writing – to make our writing more interesting to read and really create a detailed mental picture in the readers minds.

In four days of reading we collected 339 words – everyone in our class had their list in their book boxes and added new adjectives each day.

Then we created a Tagxedo (word cloud) of our words – the larger the word the more times it was recorded.  Here’s our Tagxedo.

Fire Fighter Visitors

Our current unit of inquiry is about Safety – ways to stay safe, make safe decisions and ways to get help if you feel unsafe.

Today we had Fire Fighters Dean and  Tony visit our class.

First they talked to us about all the different  scenarios that we might find fire in – good fires or bad fires, what to do if our house is on fire, how to call for help and

Then they showed us the uniforms they wear into a fire and explained all the different parts of the uniform and how the uniform is coated in a material that makes it fire proof – that way it’s safe to wear into a fire. We looked at the masks they wear to help them breathe in a smoky building and the oxygen cylinders that help them breathe in a smoky building.

Then we went out to look at the fire appliance (truck) and the fire fighters explained each piece of equipment and what they use it for.

We asked lots of questions that helped us with our inquiry and they answered questions we had on our wondering wall.

Here’s some photos of our session today.

What did you think of today’s visit by Fire Fighters Dean and Tony? Tell us a message that you learned.

Big Buddies!

Toady we had another session with our big buddies. We just love working with them. They have wonderful role models to use – they are kind, caring, helpful and we really enjoy their company. Today we used all of our devices to explore the different apps we use in our learning at school. We played some games like Subway Surfer, Super 7, Pearl Diver, wrote stories using Storykit and read some Storychimes books.

Here’s some photos of our great session today.

Talented Musicians!!

Yesterday the class invited me into watch their music lesson with Mrs Rayner.

They were just soooo talented!!!! What clever musicians!!

Mrs Rayner is an amazing teacher to have the whole class playing together so musically.

The class were improvising in a song called Reggae Hey! They played accompaniments to the Reggae beat.

It was wonderful to see the children playing the different musical instruments – like marimbas, glockenspiels, percussion egg (shakers) and xylophones.

Next time I’m going to record them playing so you can hear how talented they are!

Here’s some photos from the song.

Tell us what you thought of your lesson – which instrument were you playing?

Year 2/ 3/ 4 Assembly

On Tuesday the Year 2/ 3/ 4 classes had the first assembly for 2013. Mrs Freebairn’s class hosted the assembly and we thought they did a great job running the assembly very smoothly. Some classes showed their learning and Ms Terrell presented the assembly awards. Congratulations to Ben, Spencer, Tara and Soomin on receiving their awards.

What did you think of our first assembly for the year?

A Question for our Parents

At Craigburn Primary School we are very lucky to have access to lots of different types of technology to support us in our learning.

In our class we have:

  • laptops
  • Apple computers (that we can flip into Windows if needed)
  • iPads
  • iPods
  • iPhones
  • iPad minis
  • Interactive Whiteboards
  • digital cameras

We use these devices for research, publishing our work, communicating with others around the world, downloading music and movies, practising skills and for fun!! We also love our class blog that shares our learning with the whole world!

Lots of our class members have devices and computers at home too – these can help with their school learning and be used for fun too.

When Miss Sporn went to school there were no computers at schools and only 6 electronic typewriters to share with a whole class.

Here is what an electronic typewriter looks like.

Miss Sporn learned to type on a manual typewriter – here’s a picture of one.

There have been huge changes since those days!!!

We’d like to invite our parents, grandparent,family friends to post their comments about how technology has changed for them over time. What did you use as a child or adult compared to now? Perhaps you had turntables, Commodore 64 computers, polaroid cameras or something else – we may need pictures so we can see what they look like.

We’re really looking forward to hearing from you about your experience with technology.


Clean Up Australia Day

Last Friday all of the classes at Craigburn Primary joined the Clean Up Australia campaign.  The school was divided into 3 sections and classes were given an area to clean up. We collected rubbish around the oval, Upper Primary playground and down to the bottom pick up area. We found paper, lids, cans, lots of plastic wrap and even a dead lizard!

We had lots of fun cleaning up our school grounds and love to look after our school.

Did you join in the official Clean Up Australia Day campaign in your local neighbourhood?

What kinds of rubbish did you find?