Musical Chairs Reading


Our class LOVES to read everyday and we use the Daily 5 reading menu to develop our reading skills. Today we tried a new activity! We did musical chairs reading – you play by the same rules to play musical chairs but wherever you sit down you read the books that are on that seat. This is a great opportunity to read different types of books – fiction and non fiction book, novels, short stories and picture fiction books. Lots of people added the books to their book boxes after reading them during our game. Everyone was really focussed on reading and we can’t wait to do this game again.

img_7569 img_7571 img_7574 img_7575 img_7580 img_7581 img_7582 img_7583 img_7584 img_7585 img_7586 img_7587 img_7588 img_7589 img_7590 img_7591 img_7592 img_7593 img_7594 img_7595 img_7596 img_7597 img_7598 img_7599 img_7600 img_7601


Milo Cricket Clinic

OnThursday morning our class had a fantastic time at the Milo Cricket Clinic. We learnt lots of different skills like: throwing, bowling, catching, aiming and throwing at a target and batting. The teachers taught us lots of specific skills and we had to work hard as a team to support each other.

Here’s some photos from our session:

img_7494 img_7496 img_7497 img_7500 img_7503 img_7506 img_7510 img_7517 img_7523 img_7539 img_7543 img_7547 img_7553 img_7555 img_7556

What was your favourite part of our cricket clinic?

Term 4


Welcome back to Term 4.

We’re looking forward to a term a fantastic and fun learning and lots of extra activities too! Stay tuned for future updates of our class activities.