Procedure Writing

This week all of the Year 2 students in our Unit started learning about procedure writing.

Procedure writing tells us how to do or make something, eg a recipe.

It can include a picture or a diagram.

We are using the Writing Fun website by Jenny Eather to guide us with our learning. There are excellent examples of procedure writing for us to look at and give us ideas.

We started our procedure writing experience by making popcorn and then writing how we made it.

Here is the procedure writing text that we wrote.


Goal – You will make plain and yummy popcorn.

Materials –  popping corn

popcorn maker

a big bowl (to catch the popcorn)

small bowls ( to share the popcorn)

Steps –

1.  Pour the popping corn into the measuring cup.

2.  Pour the popping corn into the popcorn maker. Turn the popcorn maker on.

3.  Put the cup onto the top of the popcorn maker (so the popcorn can’t fly out). Put the big bowl next to the popcorn making machine.

4.  Wait – wait – wait – wait…. for the popping corn to heat up and start popping out of the popcorn making maching.

5. When the all of the popping corn has popped turn the machine off. Share the popcorn with everyone in small bowls.


Here is what happens to the popping corn as it turns into popcorn ready to eat!

Bookweek Parade

On the last day of Bookweek the Reception- Year 2 children had a dress up day. We chose to dress up in any kind of costume that we had. There were a variety of costumes and the children all looked great. We held a parade outside so that we could see children from other classes in their costumes.

Bookweek – Our Favourite Books

As a part of our Bookweek celebrations we brought in a book from home to share with our classmates. It was a part of our Sharing Time topics. We introduced the book, it’s author, told the class a bit about the story and why it was our favourite book.

It was really interesting to see all of the different books that we brought in – there was a really big variety and it gave us all new ideas of books we might like to read.
Bookweek – Books we Love to Read!! on PhotoPeach

What are your favourite books to read? Let us know so we can check them out!

We’re using Tumblr

We’ve started using a new programme called Tumblr. Exciting!!

Tumblr is a microblogging platform that allows users to post text, images, videos, links, quotes and audio to their tumblelog, a short-form blog.

We have a link in our blog roll to Tumblr and will start to upload videos, photos, etc soon.

So we’ll be adding to our blog instantly and keeping you up to date about what we’re doing.

Keep checking the link to see what the children have posted!!

Bookweek In the Library with our Buddies

Today we went to the Library as a part of the Bookweek Celebrations. The theme for Bookweek 2011 is ‘One World, Many Stories.’  We worked with our Year 5  Buddy Class and had a great time together.

Mrs Langham, our Librarian, organised a variety of activities for us to do. With our buddy, we visited a continent and researched some facts about that country and recorded the information into our passports. We had lots of fun reading picture fiction and non fiction books together. We found out facts and traditions from different countries around the world.

To start our trip together we watched this clip-

Then we watched a song about Bookweek –

Here we are during our activities.

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SSO Week Celebrations

This week we are celebrating SSO (School Services Officers) week at school. Our class celebrated the work that Mrs Graham does in our front office. She is friendly, kind and happy. She helps us if we get hurt. She helps to organise our great excursions.

All schools in South Australia have SSO’s. They work in the Front Office, help children with their learning in classrooms, work in the Library, work in the Finance Office (help book excursions and order supplies) and help with lots of jobs in the school.

Our SSO’s are friendly, kind, caring and helpful.

Mosaic Art with our Buddy Class

With our buddies we needed to choose a simple design, draw it and then use  small, coloured  paper squares to fill in the gaps to create a picture.

Here are examples of our mosaic art work.

Tell us what you think of our work – we’d love to hear from you!

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CSIRO Lab on Legs Visit

On Monday our class had a session with Carol from the CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation).
We worked as Scientists by investigating and experimenting during 4 different activities about Forces.
We looked at:

  • Balancing points – the centre of gravity.
  • Waddling ducks – measurement.
  • Magnets – attraction and repulsion
  • Cartesian Divers – floating and sinking.

It was a lot of fun trying new ideas, trying out experiments, testing our predictions and recording our work. Have a look at our photos of the visit and tell us what you think about our work. We look forward to your comments!

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