Sports Day

Today we held our annual sports day. We love to participate in all the different events during our day. We had a special guest called Kris who is a triathlete. Kris talked to us about how hard athletes need to train and practise their sports to be successful. He also mentioned that he started sport at a young age – just like us! He is also a representative for the Premier’s Be Active group.

We have four house teams named after famous Australian athletes. The teams are called Fraser (green), Riley (red), Woodforde (yellow) and Bradman (blue).

Our class did the Year 2-4 events, which were:

  • hurdles
  • sprints
  • javelin/ chicken throw
  • long jump
  • relays – tunnel ball and under and over
  • bocce
  • long kick
  • Fireman’s relay – water in the bucket
  • sack race
  • 3 legged race

Our whole class had a wonderful day participating in all of the tabloid events. We tried our hardest to perform to the best of our ability and showed fair and honest sporting behaviour for the whole day.

The winning team for 2013 was Fraser!! Congratulations to the whole Fraser team.

Here are some photos of our day.

Sports Day 2013 on PhotoPeach

Sports Day 2013 – Part 2 on PhotoPeach

We’d like to say a huge thank you to Mrs Pettman our PE teacher who organised the whole day with the Sports Day committee.

What did you think of our Sports Day? Did you have a favourite event?

Congratulations Julian!

We are having a ‘free choice of topic’ as a part of our Sharing Time topics for the last week of school. Julian brought in his Little Athletics certificate that he received last Friday night.

We’d like to say a big congratulations to Julian on receiving his medal and certificate (showing his results in each event).

Musical Chairs Reading

Last Friday we finished our wonderful week at school with a game of Reading Musical chairs. We made a circle with our classroom chairs and a mixture of books were placed on them. When the music started we needed to walk around the circle of chairs, when the music stopped we sat on the nearest chair and started reading the books on it.

This is a wonderful chance to read different types of books that we may not usually choose. The books on the chairs were:

  • picture fiction
  • non fiction (facts & information)
  • novels
  • books without words – you have to create your own story in your mind

At the end of our session we reflected upon it. We all agreed that it was a fun way to read books that we wouldn’t usually choose and when we went to the Resource Centre to borrow our Library books for the week many children chose some new types of books.

Here’s some photos of our reading session.


Jaime and Holly’s Recorder Song

Jaime and Holly have been learning how to play the recorder. Their teacher is Sarah and each week they have lessons at school with Sarah. They also need to do lots of practise at home.

Today Sarah came and helped the girls play a couple of songs for our class. We thought they were very brave to perform in front of us, especially given that they have only been learning the recorder for about 8 weeks.

Here’s the songs they played.

IMG 7415 from Lisa Sporn on Vimeo.






What did you think of Jaime and Holly’s recorder items?