We’ve been working hard to learn how to use different forms of technology in our daily learning activities. Our school uses iPads in every classroom through embedding them into our daily classroom activities.

We’ve been experimenting with different apps in our learning, such as:

  • reading online in Daily 5 reading activities with Ziptales and Sunshine Online
  • Word Wizard for phonological spelling tasks
  • Chatterpix – a fun way to make pictures tell a message
  • Popplet – mind mapping tasks
  • Bee Bots ¬†for coding and programming
  • Book Creator – creating books to show our learning in different areas
  • Seesaw – to share our learning with our families
  • Scratch Jnr – coding
  • Garageband to create original music pieces
  • Number Pieces – looking at place value of numbers using MAB equipment
  • Explain ¬†Everything – creating presentations about different topics.

We’ve also got a Stickbot kit for green screen filming of stories that we create and a Little Bits kits to see how to create circuits to make wheels turn, lights go on/off, buzzers to buzz, fans to spin and lots more.

We’re about to start using Maker’s Empire to plan, design and create objects that relate to our Inquiry programme. We’ve just started designing and learning how to use the app. Stay tuned for posts about our 3D products.





What’s your favourite form of technology to use and why?

What would you like to try next?

Sports Day

Last week we had our annual Craigburn Primary School Sports Day. It was quite a warm day but the entire class did a wonderful job during each event.

We loved our tabloid events:

  • Fireman’s relay
  • bocce
  • Sack race and 3 legged race
  • soccer dribble
  • sprints
  • hurdles
  • long jump
  • tunnel ball.

We joined in really well and worked hard to be a successful team. A huge thanks to Mrs Pettman for organising our day – it was amazing.

What was your favourite part of Sports Day?

Assembly Awards

Today we had our first Year 2, 3 and 4 assembly for 2017. Mr Hanna’s Year 4 class were wonderful hosts and showed great persistence to present the assembly (there were quite a few technical issues!).

Our class did a great job sharing the rubber thong art activity from a couple of weeks ago.

Here’s a clip of the class sharing our item. A huge thanks to Jesse and Cooper who were brave enough to introduce our item to the whole group. (Sorry for the blurry start to the clip).

Congratulations to Emma, Jay, Cooper, Riley and Kate for receiving their first assembly awards.

Please check our our thong art in the school’s Front Office next time you’re visiting.