Our First Assembly

Today we we went to the first assembly of the year. It was an assembly for the whole school and Mr Luke hosted it. Mr Luke explained where it’s safe to play and our ┬áresponsibilities for keeping the yard clean and tidy. He introduced Ms Terrell, our new Principal. Ms Terrell was the Principal at Dernancourt Primary School and will be at our school for the next 7 years. We loved meeting Ms Terrell!


Welcome to our 2013 Class!

We’d like you to meet our class for 2013. We’ve had a wonderful day together – getting settled into our new class, covering our books, getting to know each other, making our stars and starting our learning together. We went to our first whole school assembly and met our new Principal Ms Terrell. It’s been a great day!!

Meet the wonderful class of 2013! on PhotoPeach

What did you think about your first day at school?