Last Assembly for 2012

On Tuesday we had our last Year 2-4 assembly for 2012. Mrs Perejma’s class hosted the assembly and our class presented some Art work called Big Mouths. We folded art paper into thirds and drew a face onto it. In the middle section of the page we opened the mouth to show a picture inside.

Lots of children received awards in our class: Nathan, Jenny, Jamie, Samuel, Sarah, Maisie and Aiden.

Here are some photos of our assembly. We’ll add some Art work pictures soon.

PJ Day

Today our school had Pyjama Day. It was organised by our SLEG students. We were asked to come along dressed in our pyjamas and give a gold coin donation towards our World Vision student John. Most of our class were brave enough to put on their jammies and slippers – well done guys!

Here is a class photo of us in our PJ’s!! Don’t we look great.

Electives – Third Session

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Last Friday was  our last Electives session. We had a wonderful time – again – and loved our activities. Here are some photos from our last session.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to all of the parents who ran sessions for us -without you our electives would never have happened!! Thank you.

Electives – Week 3 on PhotoPeach

What was your favourite Electives session?
Can you make any suggestions for next year?

Sports Expo

On Wednesday we had our annual Sports Expo. At the Sports Expo we try lots of different sports that we don’t usually get to play.

The sports we tried were:

  • Wheelie Chair games with Matthew from Disability, Recreation and Sports SA
  • Hockey with Michael for SA
  • Rock climbing with Tom
  • Little Athletics with Paul
  • Life Be in It the Earth ball and parachute with Mrs Pettman (our PE teacher)
  • Basketball with Bridgett
  • Taekwondo with Darren and Josh.

We learned lots of new skills and had the rules of each sport really well explained to us.

We had a fantastic day  and we’d like to thank Mrs Pettman for organising the whole day.


Sports Expo 2012 on PhotoPeach

What did you enjoy about Sports Expo? Tell us about your favourite activity or make a suggestion for next year.

Daily Fitness

Today we played one our ‘old’ Daily Fitness games called Toilet Chasey. It’s like playing stuck in the mud but when you are caught by a ‘catcher’ you have to squat down, circle your arms to make a toilet seat and wait for someone to real ease you by sitting on the toilet and flushing it (by tapping you on the head). It’s lots of fun and we really enjoyed it. We originally learnt it from a visiting teacher who taught us how to play. We really like it as a fitness game because we run a lot and then catch our breath when we’re caught and then take off again running. Everyone gets a turn at being a catcher – we turn our hats inside out so we know they’re catchers!

Here’s some photos of our fitness session.

Daily Fitness- Toilet Chasey!! on PhotoPeach

What are some of your favourite daily fitness games? Can you teach us how to play it?

Global Children’s Walking Challenge

Congratulations to everyone in our class who joined in for the Global Children’s Walking Challenge. Last Thursday we finished the Global Children’s Walking Challenge. Our class finished in Lake Sagami-ko in Japan. We didn’t quite make the official finish in Antarctica but made a huge effort to finish. Our final position on the leader board was 302 in the world – which is pretty amazing. Our class worked really hard as a team to collect as many steps as possible and we loved learning about all of the locations around the world. It was fascinating to learn about cities and countries that we’d never heard of before.


Here’s our final position on the leader board.


Last Friday afternoon the 3 classes in our Unit began a 3 week series of Electives. Parents have volunteered to run a variety of activities for the students. Each session runs for 1 hour and there are 6 people in each group.

This is a wonderful opportunity for our students to experience activities that they many never have done before. It’s also a really good opportunity to learn the rules of games properly and how to play by the rules.

The different activities are:

  • gardening
  • making lavender bags and pillows
  • singing lessons
  • yoga/ pilates / boxing lessons
  • basketball
  • jewellery design and making
  • board games
  • card games
  • playing Chinese Checkers
  • sewing
  • cooking pikelets
  • cooking cupcakes
  • cooking muffins
  • learning to play chess

Here are some photos of our first Elective session. Everyone had a great time and can’t wait for the next sessions this Friday.
Electives on PhotoPeach

What did you think of our Electives? What sessions have you signed ups or?

Gala Day

Last Friday our school held it’s Gala Day. This is a fantastic opportunity for students to run a stall and raise money for our World Vision sponsor student John. The stalls are run by students from Year 3-7. The students work under the direction of our Deputy Principal, Mr Luke and need to run the stall by themselves. Class teachers and parents are also a wonderful support in helping to get stalls ready for trading.

Some of the stalls this year were:

  • a basketball throw
  • sponge throwing
  • nail painting
  • lolly and cake stalls
  • balloon art – hats, dogs, swords
  • drinks – slushies, cool drinks
  • painting stall
  • guess how many lollies are in the jar

and SO many more.

The other school students are encouraged to bring along lots of coins to spend on different items or activities. Most stalls charge about 50c – or less! So you can get great value for your money.

We raised over $1600- for our sponsor student John – what an amazing effort by everyone.

Here are some photos of our day.

Gala Day on PhotoPeach