Footsteps Dance

Today we started our Footsteps dance lessons.  It was a great first lesson – boy was it LOUD!! We learnt a single dance to the song called Everybody Dance Now.

We will be learning a mixture of dances by ourselves or a partner dance. Our instructor was called Sarah and she was a great teacher.

IMG_6951 IMG_6950 IMG_6948 IMG_6946 IMG_6945 IMG_6944

What did you enjoy about today’s lesson?

Footsteps Dance

Today we started our Footsteps dance programme. Our  dance teacher taught us lots about the dances we’re going to be doing – both individual and partner dances.

Today we learnt Push It To The Limit, which was an individual dance. There were lots of different steps to learn but we had a great time learning all of them. We did a great job learning it.

Here’s some photos from our first session today.
IMG_9291 IMG_9288 IMG_9282 IMG_9294 IMG_9267 IMG_9292 IMG_9276 IMG_9274 IMG_9266 IMG_9263

Final Footsteps Session

On Thursday we had our final Footsteps session with Erin, our instructor.

Through our Footsteps sessions we learnt individual and partner dances. The dances we learned were:

  • Shake Your Groove Thing – Alvin and the Chipmunk
  • Arabian Nights – a Bollywood dance
  • The Barn Dance – a bootscooting dance
  • Party Rock Anthem – a hip hop dance

Here’s a photo of us with our instructor Erin – we had a fantastic time learning all of our new dances.


What was your favourite part of Footsteps?