Technology Challenge

As a part of our current Inquiry topic ‘Amazing Engineers’ we were given a challenge.

The challenge was:

Biggles our class bear is exhausted! He needs a chair or seat of some kind to rest on. Create a design of your model, collect the materials you’ll need and start making your model.

**** Keep in mind the different ways you can join materials that we have on our class charts!

Here are the final products. When we reflected upon our models we had lots of success and some things to consider for the future. It was  great to see so many people choosing a variety of joining techniques to create sturdy, strong and stable models.

Tell us what you think of our models – we’d love your feedback.

3 thoughts on “Technology Challenge

  1. Wow! What a creative bunch you are! Biggles is going to be more comfortable than Winnie the Pooh with his paw in a honeypot. 😁

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