Mini Buddies Reading

Today we read with our mini buddies. Our big buddies were busy and so we headed over to the new Reception class to read with them. It was a great chance for us to be the ‘older’ person who reads to the younger children. We needed to model lots of different reading strategies, for example – pointing to the words as we read, sounding out long words, reading sight words fluently, looking at the pictures and connecting them to the words we read, reading from left to right and top to bottom on the page and discussing what the story was about when we finished reading it. You can see us showing the Receptions some of these reading skills.
Mini Buddies Reading on PhotoPeach

What are some of the reading strategies you use?
We’d love to hear about some different books that we could read to our ‘Mini Buddies’.

4 thoughts on “Mini Buddies Reading

  1. This is a lovely concept and I’m sure the brand new students just loved having you help them with their reading. Can you remember when you were brand new to the school and only in reception???

  2. Wow just think, once that was you, now it’s you teaching others. It seems like just yesterday you were starting school – now your ready for grade 3.!!!

  3. I can’t believe how old you all look reading with our younger students! I’m sure Miss Pinkster’s new receptions enjoyed being read to by you. It’s nice that you can be both the little buddies with Miss Grant’s class and the big buddies with Miss Pinkster’s class!
    Frau Smith

  4. That’s fantastic. Wow you guys have grown up so fast. Sam, has been busy teaching Abbie to write and reading to Alyssa at home. He’s been quite the educator.

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