Musical Chairs Reading

Last Friday we finished our wonderful week at school with a game of Reading Musical chairs. We made a circle with our classroom chairs and a mixture of books were placed on them. When the music started we needed to walk around the circle of chairs, when the music stopped we sat on the nearest chair and started reading the books on it.

This is a wonderful chance to read different types of books that we may not usually choose. The books on the chairs were:

  • picture fiction
  • non fiction (facts & information)
  • novels
  • books without words – you have to create your own story in your mind

At the end of our session we reflected upon it. We all agreed that it was a fun way to read books that we wouldn’t usually choose and when we went to the Resource Centre to borrow our Library books for the week many children chose some new types of books.

Here’s some photos of our reading session.


3 thoughts on “Musical Chairs Reading

  1. It looks like you had some fun enjoying some great books! It’s good to have a try reading something different – you may develop a new interest!

  2. Being outside in the fresh air and reading, what a great idea. You all look very interested in the books you are reading.

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