Inquiry – Change Over Time

This week we started investigating our latest Inquiry topic. This topic is about the concept of investigating how objects have changed over time. This could include many different artefacts, including ourselves.

We’ve started our ‘Tuning In‘ time by sharing different objects from home that come from all different parts of our lives. So far we’ve heard about:

  • a pewter mug
  • an acrylic painting
  • an ink well and writing implement
  • a copper cooking pot
  • a book
  • a snuff box
  • stamp collections
  • old photographs of family members
  • just to get us started. We can’t wait to see what our classmates bring in!



Another ‘Tuning In‘ task was to sort pictures of different artefacts into 2 piles – either Long Ago or Today. This created really interesting discussions about why people had sorted their cards into certain piles. Then we did a ‘gallery walk‘ to see how other groups had sorted their pictures. We LOVE using pictures in our Inquiry.








Today we did a placemat activity. An artefact was put onto different placemats and we talked to our partners to discuss what it might be, what was it made of, how was it used and what might it look like today – how has it changed? Then we recorded onto our placemats using these titles to sort our thinking:

  • What is it?
  • How does it……?
  • It reminds me of…….
  • Wonderings……..

These are our wonderings on our placemats.

We wonder what we’ll investigate next?

We love seeing these new artefacts and discovering how they’ve changed over time.

What do you think we might investigate next?


One thought on “Inquiry – Change Over Time

  1. Really interesting question and inquiry – I was only thinking about this the other day. I love listening to music and ‘long ago’ I used to listen to music by records and cassette tapes. Then I started using CDs (compact discs) and then started to have my music stored on hard drives as mp3s.
    Now, I subscribe to online music services such as Apple Music, Spotify and SoundCloud.
    Interesting that we still we listen to music on the radio the same way as ‘long ago’.

    Thanks for sharing your learning – Mr Luke

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