Today’s Future Sound

Today we were very lucky to have 2 special visitors in our classroom.

They were Elliot and Alex from Today’s Future Sound which is a nonprofit teaching music production, media literacy, using as mental health and edu intervention for underserved youth in Bay Area/LA school+community settings. They are from San Francisco in the USA.

Elliot and Alex are visiting Australia at the moment and have worked in many of our capital cities already. They’re visiting Adelaide for a couple of days – working in different schools and with teachers.

We had lots of fun learning lots of exciting new music making skills – we looked at different DJ’s who use different techniques to mix and create their music, YouTube clips showing their music in a variety of dance clips filmed all around the world AND the best part was we created some music with them. The classes were divided into 3 different groups to ‘play’ different parts of the song and then we used their digital equipment to record our own song – an original!

If you’re interested in learning more about what Alex and Elliot do check out:

Their website :

Today’s Future Sound

Their Instagram account:

Their twitter account:


Their Facebook page

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