Gala Day

On Friday we had Gala Day at school. This is one of our favourite days of the year.
The students in Years 3- 7 are able to have a stall at Gala Day. This means they need to decide what their stall will be about, what materials they’ll need, who is responsible for collecting items they’ll need, organising their table/ resources, making advertising posters and putting them up around the school, setting up their stall and being ready on the day. They learn a lot of skills and really have to co-operate as a team for a stall to be successful. Some of this year’s stalls were fresh juice, erasers/ pencil grips stall, cakes, milkshakes / thickshakes, biscuits, cupcakes, nail painting, slime, sponge throwing games, water balloon throwing games and lots and lots more!!!
The Reception – Year 2 students bring their money along to spend at the different stalls. First the R-2 students have a chance to go and buy items or play games and then the Year 3-7 students have their turns.

We had a FANTASTIC time at Gala day – some of us are already planning what we’d like to have as a stall next year!!
We’d like to say a big thank you to the older students who held a stall and their teachers who helped them with their planning.

Here are some photos of Gala Day at Craigburn Primary School.
Gala Day on PhotoPeach

5 thoughts on “Gala Day

  1. I love Gala Day! I’m going to make a stall next year called Money seperater.
    Money seperater is where you can seperate your money for free!!
    Yes, FREE!!!!
    Is there any new stalls on next year’s Gala day Miss Sporn?
    Hope if you know!

    From Paul

    • Hi Spencer and George,

      Thanks for your comment on our blog – we LOVE receiving comments. We all had lots of fun at Gala day. Lots of people in the class bought honey crackles, biscuits and cool drinks. Some of our Year 2 children are already planning the stall that they would like to have for Gala Day – they are stalls where you can play games.
      From the whole Year 2 class

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