A Day in the Life of Room 24!!!

Every weekday we come to school BUT what do we do all day?
We’ve used Jelly Cam to record a day in the life of room 24. Every minute the camera on our laptop took 1 photo, then we joined it all together to create a video.
So here is our day – Tuesday the 29th of November. You’ll notice that most of the time we are in the classroom – we did reading activities, Sharing Time – run by the children, who taught us how to Christmas craft decorations, finishing our Inquiry recording. Sometimes the room is empty – this means it might be recess, lunch, we were at German and with our big buddies playing board games in the Hall.

Here is our day. Check out our video!

We’d love to hear what you think about Jelly Cam. Did you notice anything special about our day?

5 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of Room 24!!!

  1. That was Super Cool. I feel like I have spent the day with you in your class. I really thought it was amazing how the chairs all suddenly appeared up on tables and how busy you all looked.

    P.S. enjoy your Sports Expo Today. Hope you have a great Day.

  2. Thanks for sharing your day Room 24, I might have to put a web cam on my head for the day and see what my day looks like on Jelly Cam. Now that would be interesting. Keep up the excellent posts Room 24. From Mr Luke.

  3. Love that clip done with the Jelly Cam. Why is it called Jelly Cam? That’s a strange name! If I were to have one in my house all you would see is cake mix being stirred, dishes being done, more cake mix being stirred and then more dishes being done. It would be great to be able to see where the missing cupcakes go though!
    Have a great day guys!

  4. My Goodness, can I have that at my house? When I ask who did that? I might get an honest answer. Get work everyone.

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