Craigburn’s Got Talent Final

Today we held our annual Craigburn’s Got Talent Final. It’s one of the major highlights for our school year.

Here are all of the finalists.

Through the auditions there were over 80 different acts vying to make the final. We were pleased to see that our class had to groups make the Final.

One item was a dance by Amity, Emma and Natalia and they performed a dynamic and amazing dance. The audience just loved it!

The second item from our class was JC Pads – Jesse and Cooper created and performed a great musical item using the Super Pads app on their iPads.

Everyone who performed today should be very proud of their efforts. They were very brave to perform their item – we had lots of variety. There were dances, singing, Super Pad music, gymnastics, violin and piano performances…just to name a few!

We’d like to congratulate all of the winners – what a fantastic achievement.

These are the performers from today’s show.

Here are the clips from the dance item and Super Pad item.


One thought on “Craigburn’s Got Talent Final

  1. WOW 😮 Congratulations to all the contestants… I Really enjoyed your recordings and I loved watching how very talented our Craigburners are. You should be very proud. Regards Deb Percey

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