Jaime and Holly’s Recorder Song

We did a duet. The songs were called Green Jelly and Please  Pudding Hot. We did another song called Movie Buster. We did it in front of the class together. It was scary. We did it with music. First we practised then we came to the classroom and brang the stand and the cd player and our recorders and played  our songs. It was fun.


South Australian Police Band

This afternoon we watched the SA Police Band perform for our whole school. Nine police officers played different musical instruments and talked to us about staying safe in our community.

The important safety message had 3 parts:

  1. Police are our friends
  2. Police keep us safe and
  3. In an emergency dial 000.

The talented band members were:

  • James playing the oboe
  • Paul playing the clarinet
  • Tom playing the saxaphone
  • Paul playing trumpet
  • Steve playing drums
  • Dave playing the tuba
  • Nigel on the French horn and
  • Neil on the trombone.

Their instruments were either percussion (drums), woodwind or brass. They played lots of different songs we knew, especially songs for TV shows or children’s movies.

IMG_9299 IMG_9302 IMG_9304 IMG_9307 IMG_9311 IMG_9312 IMG_9313 IMG_9315


As a part of our Inquiry unit into Structures the students had a model making challenge this week.

Their task was to create a strong and sturdy 3D structure that could stand some pressure (without falling apart).

We had very busy design, make and appraise sessions to complete this task. Most people worked in pairs to crete their models. There was quite a variety of structures created. The groups needed to roll and fold the pieces of paper and could only use masking tape to stick parts together. They also needed to recall some information about structures and bridges that we’d be researching and discussing during our investigations.

Here are photos of our final sharing session today
Technology on PhotoPeach

Can you tell us – what is the strongest shape used in buildings and structures?

Net Set Go!

Last week our class attended a Net Set Go netball clinic. This programme is aimed at children aged 5 to 10 years olds.

We practised lots of different ball skills, team skills and sportsmanship skills. We played Rob the nest to start and warm us up. The moved onto different ball skills and then some team games. It gave us all a little taste of what it’s like to learn netball.

Thanks to Mrs Pettman for organising this netball session for us – we loved it!!

Here’s some photos from our session.

IMG_8449 IMG_8452 IMG_8453 IMG_8455 IMG_8456 IMG_8457 IMG_8459 IMG_8462 IMG_8464 IMG_8467 IMG_8471 IMG_8472 IMG_8476 IMG_8477

Sewing Groups

Over the last few weeks we have had small groups of parents doing sewing with our parent volunteers.

Each person had a fully self contained sewing kit to create an animal. We’ve made bears, frogs, birds, monkey faces and rabbits. A HUGE thank you to our parent helpers – especially for their patience!!

Here’s our finished creations.

Sewing on PhotoPeach

Sewing on PhotoPeach

What do you think of our sewing?

Channel 10 Visit with Kate Freebairn

Tonight our class was a part of the Channel 10 weather presentations with Kate Freebairn. We met Kate in the Library with Mrs Freebairn’s Year 4 class and made some weather pictures – sunny and rainy. We used these signs to help Kate present the weather.

It was lovely to meet Kate – she also knew some of the parents of children in our class through their jobs at Channel 10. Kate talked to us about her job and all of the responsibilities she has when she’s presenting the weather. It was a really fun, exciting and interesting day!!!

Here’s some photos of our weather presentations with Kate.
Channel 10 weather with Kate on PhotoPeach

What did you think of our presentation on the weather tonight?
Tell us what were the highlights of your day.

Channel 10 Visit with Rebecca Morse

Today our class met the Channel 10 News presenter, Rebecca Morse. She came to visit our school as a part of their new Ten At Schools programme. Each Thursday people from the Channel 10 team will visit a school to learn about the school, their students and the programmes they have to offer.

Rebecca read some books with us on our IWB and then read with Jaime, Kai, Tara and lots of other groups around the room.

Then we met Rebecca in the Library to learn about her career – how she studied to be a reporter/ journalist and then worked to become a presenter of the news reports. She also talked about her family and things she likes to do.

It was so much fun meeting Rebecca – she was such a warm, kind and interesting person to meet.

Here are some photos of our day with Rebecca.

Our Rebecca Morse Visit on PhotoPeach

Next we are going to have Kate Freebairn do the weather forecasts from our Library.

Special Visitors

Our class is so excited – tomorrow we are having two very special visitors to our school.

Mrs Freebairn’s class and our class are hosting Rebecca Morse and Kate Freebairn at school. It’s  a part of the new Weather in Schools program that will be on every Thursday on Channel 10 News. We are the very first school they will be visiting in South Australia.

Channel 10 News


We are going to have Rebecca Morse visit our class and we are going to do some different reading activities with her from our Daily 5 Reading Cafe. Then she will be doing some Maths activities with Mrs Freebairn’s class. After that our 2 classes will meet and chat with Rebecca about her job as a news reporter and presenter.

Later in the afternoon Kate Freebairn will be giving her weather presentations from our school too. Again, both of our classes will be working with Kate and helping her learn about our fantastic school.

This is how excited we were when we heard the news that Rebecca and Kate were visiting.


Can you suggest some questions that we could use when we speak with Rebecca or Kate?








Crows AFL Clinic

Today our class went to a Crows Football Club assembly and then had a footy clinic to learn and practise football skills.

The assembly taught us about the need for healthy eating and exercise.

During the footy clinic we prastise dour kicking, tackling skills and did relays to practise ball skills.

Here are some photos of today’s session.


Crows Footy Clinic on PhotoPeach

Sports Day

Today we held our annual sports day. We love to participate in all the different events during our day. We had a special guest called Kris who is a triathlete. Kris talked to us about how hard athletes need to train and practise their sports to be successful. He also mentioned that he started sport at a young age – just like us! He is also a representative for the Premier’s Be Active group.

We have four house teams named after famous Australian athletes. The teams are called Fraser (green), Riley (red), Woodforde (yellow) and Bradman (blue).

Our class did the Year 2-4 events, which were:

  • hurdles
  • sprints
  • javelin/ chicken throw
  • long jump
  • relays – tunnel ball and under and over
  • bocce
  • long kick
  • Fireman’s relay – water in the bucket
  • sack race
  • 3 legged race

Our whole class had a wonderful day participating in all of the tabloid events. We tried our hardest to perform to the best of our ability and showed fair and honest sporting behaviour for the whole day.

The winning team for 2013 was Fraser!! Congratulations to the whole Fraser team.

Here are some photos of our day.

Sports Day 2013 on PhotoPeach

Sports Day 2013 – Part 2 on PhotoPeach

We’d like to say a huge thank you to Mrs Pettman our PE teacher who organised the whole day with the Sports Day committee.

What did you think of our Sports Day? Did you have a favourite event?