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Today we played one our ‘old’ Daily Fitness games called Toilet Chasey. It’s like playing stuck in the mud but when you are caught by a ‘catcher’ you have to squat down, circle your arms to make a toilet seat and wait for someone to real ease you by sitting on the toilet and flushing it (by tapping you on the head). It’s lots of fun and we really enjoyed it. We originally learnt it from a visiting teacher who taught us how to play. We really like it as a fitness game because we run a lot and then catch our breath when we’re caught and then take off again running. Everyone gets a turn at being a catcher – we turn our hats inside out so we know they’re catchers!

Here’s some photos of our fitness session.

Daily Fitness- Toilet Chasey!! on PhotoPeach

What are some of your favourite daily fitness games? Can you teach us how to play it?

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