Sports Expo

On Wednesday we had our annual Sports Expo. At the Sports Expo we try lots of different sports that we don’t usually get to play.

The sports we tried were:

  • Wheelie Chair games with Matthew from Disability, Recreation and Sports SA
  • Hockey with¬†Michael for SA
  • Rock climbing with Tom
  • Little Athletics with Paul
  • Life Be in It the Earth ball and parachute with Mrs Pettman (our PE teacher)
  • Basketball with Bridgett
  • Taekwondo with Darren and Josh.

We learned lots of new skills and had the rules of each sport really well explained to us.

We had a fantastic day ¬†and we’d like to thank Mrs Pettman for organising the whole day.


Sports Expo 2012 on PhotoPeach

What did you enjoy about Sports Expo? Tell us about your favourite activity or make a suggestion for next year.

One thought on “Sports Expo

  1. I love the jib jab christmas card! The children all look so gorgeous! It’s so nice to see some Christmas spirit. Rachel

    Rory – it is very funny.

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